Year of the Sea Advert 2018 Unveiled

Our 2018 Year of the Sea advert is a continuation of the Our 2018 film is a continuation of the Welsh Year of Legends story that began in 2017. It is a mini epic – a tale of discovery and adventure. Directed by Marc Evans (Hinterland, Safe House, Trauma), and starring Welsh actor Luke Evans, the new film gives you a bird’s eye view of our beautiful seascapes: an awe-inspiring journey that shows off the whole of the Welsh coastline.

We return to the heart of Snowdonia and find Welsh actor Luke Evans piloting a classic seaplane, taking flight from Llyn Gwynant and flying us around our award-winning coastline, finally landing at sunset in Cardiff Bay.

Luke guides us through a poetic mix of geographical, cultural and historical references celebrating the fact that Wales is the first country in the world to provide a dedicated footpath that runs the length of its coastline – all 870 miles of it.

I see it all…
Embraced by mile after mile of coastal path…
From Snowdonia’s epic peaks to the Gower’s wild surf
The rhythm of the sea; tides weaving and stretching
These epic shores…
These sheer cliffs and smugglers’ coves
Where adrenaline surges and adventures begin;
I see it now… Tra môr yn fur