Plan your trip for later!

There is very high demand for this area which leads to congestion. All car parks are often full before midday. Be aware that if you park illegally, you will receive a fine. Please only park in designated car parks, and not on verges or pavements, and check the status of car parks in the area using the Brecon Beacons car parking information page before you travel.

Social distancing is difficult with lots of people in the area. If it feels too crowded, then it is too crowded. It will be hard to keep your distance and maintain social distancing on the narrow paths around the falls. The Brecon Beacons National Park is 520 square miles so there are plenty of other spots to explore - explore the Brecon Beacons National Park website for more information.

We strongly advise you to delay your trip to this area until later in the year - giving you plenty of time to plan and book your trip in advance!

Please be aware the roads around many waterfalls can be very narrow, and are often single track with little visibility and few passing places.

Be prepared to give way and reverse on narrow lanes. Before making your trip, please check the Brecon Beacons website for up-to-date information.

Key information:

  • Please note that none of the waterfalls are close to the car parks.
  • All car parks are cash only so please ensure you have change with you to pay for your parking.
  • Make sure to follow one-way advisory signage where requested.
  • Car parks are small and get very busy, and are often full by midday.
  • Keep an eye on Brecon Beacons social media for any important announcements on the day you are visiting.

Looking after yourself and the countryside

Waterfall Country is a fragile landscape that can be easily damaged. Follow these guidelines and help preserve its beauty.

  • Keep on the waymarked paths – they will offer you the safest route.
  • If you bring it here, take it home – litter can spoil everyone’s visit.
  • Watch where you step! – plants, especially mosses, are fragile and slow growing and easily trampled.
  • Fires are devastating, leave standing and fallen trees for the wildlife.
  • Peace and quiet are appreciated by the local residents, both people and animals.

Be safe!

Exploring the outdoors is fantastic fun, but please read up on the risks and make sure you are prepared.

Thank you.

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