About Rhiannon Centre

In the heart of a small Welsh speaking town surrounded by spectacular scenery, the Rhiannon Celtic Design Centre is an outstanding showcase of all that is best in Welsh jewellery, arts and crafts. The centre was established in 1971 by Rhiannon Evans, a jewellery designer with an international reputation for her original and unique interpretations of the Welsh and Celtic artistic traditions.

This very special attraction has recently been extended to include even more facilities. You can watch Rhiannon's jewellery being handcrafted by Welsh speaking goldsmiths in the Exhibition Workshops, where they create special jewellery in silver and gold, and also using rare and precious Welsh Gold, mined a few miles away in north Wales.
As well as original Celtic knotwork and traditional Welsh images, many of Rhiannon's distinctive jewellery designs draw their inspiration from the landscape and wildlife of this most beautiful part of Britain.

Other designs are based on old Celtic legends, or derived from pieces of jewellery made thousands of years ago by the Celts themselves. All of the jewellery is displayed in the Rhiannon Centre, and there is also a comprehensive mail order catalogue if you are unable to visit.


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