About Gower Coast Adventures

Oxwich Bay to Worms Head (and back) approx. 2 hours
£45 per adult / £25 per child (15 and under)

Experience fantastic wildlife encounters on our round trip from beautiful Oxwich Bay to magnificent Worms Head, the tidal island at the western tip of Gower.

Along the way we hug the coastline taking in Gower’s stunning scenery from a unique perspective. Listen to stories about historic caves and smugglers haunts.
Keep an eye out for the regularly seen harbour porpoise and playful common dolphins amongst diving gannets.

At Worms Head delight in the sights and sounds of hundreds of seabirds during nesting season, seals basking on the rocks or dozing in the water and the chance to experience the spectacular blowhole at high tide.


51.5569038, -4.161415

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