What if The Simpsons came to Cardiff? 

What if America’s favourite TV family took a trip to the Welsh capital? How would we keep them amused? If The Simpsons ever did hit Cardiff - and they’re very welcome - we’ve got it covered.

It’s the kind of thing that keeps us awake at night. What if America’s favourite family decided to take a weekend trip to the Welsh capital? How would we keep them amused? Thankfully, Visit Wales has a crack team of holiday planners in the event of fictional TV characters turning up unannounced. You see, our hospitality knows no bounds. That's just the kind of people we are.


SWALEC Stadium

SWALEC Stadium, Cardiff

We think sports mad Homer would feel instantly at home at a rugby match at the Principality Stadium or Cardiff Arms Park, which sit side by side, slap-bang in the city centre. Or how about test match cricket at the SWALEC Stadium? Or a trip to Cardiff City Stadium to cheer on the Bluebirds? We’d recommend that he samples the hundreds of restaurants, pubs and bars in the city - in fact, we’re confident that if Homer tried a pint of Brains SA, he’d never go back to Duff. Finally, we’d head for the Dr Who Experience  in Cardiff Bay, where Homer can meet British television’s finest characters in the flesh (or in the case of the Daleks, in the metal).


St David's Hotel & Spa

Massage at the St David's Hotel & Spa, Cardiff Bay

As a busy mother of three – or four, if you count Homer – Marge deserves a thorough pampering in one of our boutique hotels, or some five-star spa luxury at St David’s Hotel & Spa. Then there’s the compact city centre: a pedestrianized paradise that has some of Britain’s best shopping outside London. We’d also recommend a high speed family trip around Cardiff Bay in an 80mph powerboat with Cardiff Sea Safaris, just to see what her hair looks like.


Chris 'sac' Wilson doing a 'nosebonk' over the bin with a local kid hiding inside

Cardiff Barrage Skate Plaza
 by Mortimerphotographic

The best policy with young Bart is to keep him as busy as possible, we feel. So let’s start with a ‘family taster’ session at the Boulders indoor climbing centre, followed by a rafting session at Cardiff International White Water’s thrilling purpose-built rapids down in the Bay. There’s cycle hire nearby – ideal for a bracing ride along the Taff Trail. And if he doesn’t sleep like a log after that lot there's always Cardiff Barrage Skate Plaza where he can show off his best tricks. 


Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff

With her insatiable thirst for knowledge and culture, we’d take Lisa to the 120 hands-on exhibits at the Techniquest science discovery centre. We think she’d also be dazzled by the open-air National History Museum at St Fagan’s, where 40+ historic buildings have been re-erected in the 100-acre parkland. Then there’s the National Museum Wales and National Museum of Art, where she can discover art, archaeology, natural history and geology under one elegant Edwardian roof. Finally, she can take in a show at the Wales Millennium Centre, which hosts the best musicals, dance, comedy and – good luck persuading Homer on this one - opera.


Roath Park & Lake

Roath Park & Lake, Cardiff

Maggie’s a bit young to appreciate the 2,000-year history of Cardiff Castle, but she’d enjoy a crawl around its manicured lawns beneath the Norman fort, and the dazzling decorations of the Victorian mansion. Cardiff Bay is the perfect place to push a stroller, out along the landscaped barrage to a great outdoor play park. Cardiff International Pool  has an ideal toddlers’ area, as well as brilliant squiggly tubes for Bart and Lisa to zoom down. Maggie would also enjoy feeding the ducks in Roath Park Lake… unless Homer gets to the food first, of course.

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