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Weaver's living room
Weaver's living room
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About Newtown Textile Museum

The Textile Museum is situated at 5-7 Commercial Street in Newtown. The building is a fine example of a typical early 19th century weaving shop. Originally there were six back-to-back cottages on the two lower floors, with two loom floors running the length of the building above . The six cottages would have housed a family each. Over the years many of these families would have worked in the weaving shop on the two floors above, either as handloom weavers or with associated work.
The museum now has one floor is dedicated to showing looms, spinning wheels and the processes involved in turning fleece into flannel. The top floor has exhibits of local businesses including Pryce Jones, one of the early pioneers in mail order. There are also displays of the businesses of the town over the centuries. The lower floors show recreated rooms, and further information on the history of the town and its people.

The Museum can provide a speaker to local groups, to talk about Hand-loom weaving and Newtown's boom and bust in the 1800s or similar topics.


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