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About Spirit of Wales

We welcome you to visit our distillery in Newport in the south of Wales. This guided tour includes welcome drinks on arrival, followed by a brief background of our distillery and the venue.

The Spirit of Wales is about people and their passion – to reimagine their world with delight.

We are from the land where dragons breathe fire, where we root for underdogs in life who make it with their determination and hard work.

We say cheers to you, to the spirit of Wales, with our distinct Welsh spirits that capture your essence. A homage to Newport’s history, rainy days and green hills, Celtic heritage, language, and literature. The Spirit of Wales is about the Welsh. It is about you, your family, and our people passed.

Wales has a massive food and drinks industry but with a small distillery scene compared to other regions of the UK. With this passion, our goal is to enhance the scene and create meaning for the Newport community and the people of Wales; whilst giving visitors from around the world a taste of who we are.

With its rich history, Newport is a unique city. On the mouth of River Usk, once the largest exporter of coal in Wales. Newport has attracted people for centuries.
Twelve miles from the capital Cardiff, Newport is the third-largest city in Wales, a gateway between England and Wales, with a deep cultural heritage dating back to Celtic settlements over two thousand years ago. From the Roman conquests to the Norman settlers who built the first castles to the chartists who developed modern democracy, our history is long. During the nineteenth century,

Newport went through rapid expansion with coal exports and steel production. The town provided accessible and modern docks with fourteen locks to transport cargo down the Usk; trade flourished, and the population grew.

In the early 20th century, we built the transporter bridge to carry passengers over the river. It's still in use today and an iconic part of the Newport skyline. Just like that forever changed skyline, we want to capture moments in history in liquid form for you to enjoy today. It is a celebration of Newport and its people, full of cultural surprises.

The Spirit of Wales is a great destination to discover how we distil our Welsh spirits that embody a rich cultural heritage.


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