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This well established business has operated out of Tenby for over 25 years. Once everyone is onboard, the boat leaves the harbour/ramp and will travel to the sheltered waters between Tenby and Caldey Island, this takes a maximum of 20 minutes (about 1½ miles). On reaching the fishing ground, the engine is stopped and the boat drifts quietly, while the skipper gives brief instructions, often catching fish in doing so (within a few secs!!), on how to use the rod and reel supplied. There is no dangerous casting of lines, all lines are lowered into the water to the required depth and then the rod is jigged up and down until the unmistakeable feel of a bite is felt. During all fishing activity the skipper is always on hand to help you with your catch. Once were finished fishing, you are provided with string and shown how to string your fish up, which is undertaken while the boat returns to the harbour.


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