Cave & mining attractions

A lot of Welsh life has been lived underground, from ancient cave dwellings to people mining for gold, copper and coal. And you can always rely on Celtic folklore to add a suitable air of suitable mystery to proceedings.

  • Labyrinth

    King Arthur's Labyrinth, Snowdonia

     by King Arthur's Labyrinth

    Step on a boat and wind through a labyrinth of history, a litany of Dark Age tales told against the backdrop of luminous expanses of water. A hooded boatman is your guide for this voyage with a difference through the tunnels and caverns of historic southern Snowdonia.

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  • Family looking at iPads in the slate caverns

    Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Blaenau Ffestiniog

     by Llechwedd Slate Caverns

    History and adventure combine to brilliant effect in the heart of Snowdonia with two customer experiences: the Deep Mine Tour and the Quarry Explorer. The Deep Mine Tour is a family friendly interactive tour with new technology; the first to use augmented reality in an underground setting with iPads providing a window on the past. You access the caverns using Britain’s steepest cable railway to levels of 500ft underground. The Quarry Explorer is an off road adventure that will take you right into the heart of Llechwedd’s man-made mountains (made by blasting the tops off the hundred-year-old caverns) in a military 4x4 truck. 

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  • cave

    National Showcaves Centre for Wales, Brecon Beacons

    Dan-yr-Ogof is cavernous, Cathedral is full of atmosphere and Bone has a deathly twist: the three main caves will capture your imagination at this Centre, which also offers a huge park dedicated to dinosaurs, an Iron Age Village, a Shire Horse Centre and a museum in one amazing day out.

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  • Montage of Silver Mountain pictures - exterior and inside the mine.
    Silver Mountain Experience, Ceredigion by

    Where history, myth and legend collide in a fantastic day out for the whole family. Embark on an adventure with a choice of guided tours discovering the history of our original Victorian Silver-Lead Mine, or experience Welsh fantasy and myth in one of our theatrical experiences. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore! 

  • More than a century after being abandoned in 1903, Sygun tells the story of Victorian copper miners in colourful fashion. This is the place to trace copper ore veins, silver and gold within the confines of illuminated caves, then relax within its beautiful natural surroundings in the hills of Snowdonia.

  • Get the buzz by finding out the secrets behind hydroelectricity in an eye-catching tribute to scientific history, full of towering inlet valve chambers and astonishing turbine generators. Then, travel through a labyrinth of darkened tunnels, following in the footsteps of some of the earliest engineers. Includes tours, play and refreshment areas.

  • Set in the shadow of the glorious Cothi Valley, these ancient mines provide a unique insight into Roman gold mining methods 2,000 years ago. Guided tours will tell you the story of the 20th century workers in these caverns and there’s even a chance to try gold panning for yourself.

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  • Craggy, echoey and about as atmospheric as they come, this site was uncovered in 1987 and features a Bronze Age Cavern dug by miners with stone and tool bones 3,500 years ago. Don a hard hat and witness the latest discoveries in one of the world’s largest prehistoric mines.

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  • Masks

    Judge's Lodgings, Powys, Mid Wales

    Not strictly underground, but this reminder of bygone court deliberations is shrouded in a darkness which will leave you blinking when you head back out onto the streets. A hidden gem of an attraction, the Lodging is lit by gaslight and full of hands-on exhibits, finishing in a court room.

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  • Corris Mine Explorers

    Corris Slate Mine, Snowdonia

     by Corris Mine Explorers

    Get kitted up and embark on an intrepid tour of a mid-Wales mine first used in 1836. Chambers, disused machinery and even personal items left behind by the workers give this place a real sense of history.