Squeeze into a wetsuit, fasten up your buoyancy aid and helmet, tighten up your old trainers and the adventure begins....

Often described as extreme rock pooling Coasteering involves exploring the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park in style. Scramble climbing, adventure swimming, cliff jumping and rock hopping to name but a few of the methods used to traverse the rocky shore. With a wealth of experience and oodles of enthusiasm, our guides can tailor the adventure to suit your needs and ability. All aspects of a session are optional, if you don't fancy the big jumps or rough water features, simply traverse or float around them.

PARTICIPANT GUIDELINES - Due to the nature of the activity, it is always assumed that participants need to be strong swimmers. This, however, is NOT the case. Coasteering is accessible to all. Minimum age is 8years.

WEATHER - All trips are weather dependant. Sea & weather conditions can sometimes dictate which venue is used.

DURATION - Half-Day (2-3 hrs in the water)

SPECTATORS - Due to the nature of the activity spectators cannot be accommodated for. There are sections, which can be seen from the coast path.

DRESS CODE - We will provide a winter steamer wetsuit, bouyancy aid, helmet and if its a bit chilly hood, gloves and socks.
You will need swimwear, a towel, an old pair of trainers (to get wet), a pair of old shorts (worn over the wetsuits), and warm clothes for when you dry off.

AVAILABILITY - We operate all year round, booking is essential.


  • Cater for groups


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