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Come and see some of the largest and most colourful butterflies in the world! We exhibit species from all over the tropics.

Our pupae are farmed sustainably in the tropics. They are put in an incubator where they emerge the next week. Many of the butterflies have natural lives of only a week meaning that have hundreds of pupae each season. In any one season, we display up to 70 different species of butterflies.

Each month we rear a number of giant caterpillars. These often belong to the silk moth family and they eat prodigious amounts of foliage.
The lush tropical conditions allow many rare and exotic plants to thrive. We display many species of Passion flowers, Bananas, Birthworts and Cannas.

Many of the moths we display rival the butterflies for their beauty.

Our reception room has many different types of insects from beetles to praying mantids and giant stick insects.

Our wildlife garden has many varieties of plants specifically for butterflies. We have recorded over 26 species of native butterflies in the garden. The day out provides a hand-on learning experience for all ages.

The stunning Rheidol Valley is a hidden gem. Waterfalls, walks and woodlands are located close to the butterfly house.


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