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A walk along the length of the Severn is a geography lesson brought vividly to life, every step helping to put flesh on the bare bones of what we all learn at school about the stages of a river's journey as it progresses from source to sea.

The basic walk is 337km(210m) in length, which ideally, gives 14 days of 24km(15m) walking. Most people would find this comfortable, but it makes no allowance for rest days, nor the fact that the route does not always fit conveniently into this pattern.
Born on the misty heights of Plynlimon, the Severn (Hafren) seeps sluggishly and inauspiciously from a squelching sphagnum bog, but in no time at all it is gathering strength and well into its torrent stage, enlivened by falls and cascades as it plunges headlong through Hafren Forest.


52.4467, -3.535348

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