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Parc le Breos Burial Chamber
Parc le Breos Burial Chamber

About Parc le Breos Burial Chamber (Cadw)

Discovered in 1869 by workmen digging for road stone, this chambered Neolithic (New Stone Age) tomb is one of the best preserved in this part of Wales. The two protrusions around the entrance display the typical style of the so-called ‘Cotswold-Severn’ long barrows of the region. Extensive excavations of Parc le Breos, which remained in use for between 300 and 800 years, revealed the bones of at least 40 separate individuals.
Roughly 70ft/21m in length, the tomb consists of a narrow passageway leading to four small chambers lined with upright stones. While the tomb was presumably once covered by large capstone slabs, no trace of these stones has ever been found.


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