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It was a beautiful wooded area typical of estates of the Gentry. In 1899 it was rumoured that Tredegar Company was to relinquish its lease on Bedwellty House that had always been leased for it's managers. Lord Tredegar confirmed that this was the case. The Town Council expressed a desire to buy the estate as a Public Park for the town. Alderman Henry Bowen who led the deputation was prepared to pay a fair price and was surprised when he was told that they could have the Park for the residents of Tredegar and the House a Council House, free of charge except for a short strip on the Park Row side. Rev Alfred Barrett, Chairman to the Council, signed the agreement on 23rd October 1900. The Park was opened to the public in November informally but was officially opened on 18th April 1901.

Much work has been carried out by succeeding Town Councils over the years to accomodate the Tredegar People. The Long Shelter was built in 1910

Inside the Long Shelter, a mosiac was placed in the memory of the local Chartist movement
and the Bandstand was built in 1912. The cenotaph was placed in the Park in 1924. The Swimming Pool,(open air) was a very welcome addition in 1932 as was the Hard Tennis court in the same year.
The WW2 Memorial Gates were placed in 1951 and the following year the Circular Gardens and statues in front of Bedwellty house were formed.The Park is now, and has been for many years, a place of beauty and provides a place of relaxation for the general public. The outdoor swimming pool has now been closed (there is now an indoor pool at the Leisure Centre) and the area is now used for skate boards and there are large playing fields for the children. The Park has many different varieties of trees and plants.There are several duck ponds and many beautiful walks

At the rear of Bedwellty House, stands the Ice House one of the few surviving of it's kind.
The Bandstand has recently been refurbished in it's original style and throughout the summer every Sunday a free concert is put on and refreshments may be purchased at Bedwellty House.

Inside Bedwellty House there are many memorabilia to be found including a marble bust of Viscount Tredegar by Sir Gascombe John.There is a casket of earth brought home from Tredegar Hill in Burma (WW2) plus a book of remembrance from both world wars.There are also many more artefacts to be found there.


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