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Thomas the Woodcarver at work.
Thomas the Woodcarver at work.
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About The Lovespoon Workshop

Continuing the 17th century Welsh tradition of hand carving lovespoons within Wales today. The Lovespoon Workshop is a free visitor attraction that shares the history of the lovespoon and our own unique collection of traditional hand carved Welsh lovespoons, including the longest hand carved lovespoon in the world. We have one lovespoon for each and every year since 1969 in our own unique family collection that is on display here at the workshop. Some of our lovespoons have more than 100 hours work and each and every one has a story to tell. We have a wide range of authentic hand carved Welsh lovespoons available for purchase, all hand carved on site and available for personalising with initials added when you come to visit, a variety of other craft items are also available.


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