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Two Sit ski's getting ready
Two Sit ski's getting ready
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Hoist transfer to a sit ski
Hoist transfer to a sit ski

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Adaptive skiing is a sport that allows people with a wide range of disabilities to participate in skiing activities. Specialist equipment is used to provide the person with the support and comfort they need to enjoy skiing in a safe and achievable manner.

Benefits of Adaptive Skiing:
Adaptive skiing can be fun, educational and highly rewarding. Adaptive skiing can be integrated into rehabilitation programmes with specific physical and/or cognitive goals attached. It can also be a sport that is enjoyed as a leisure interest.

• The physical benefits include development of balance and coordination, promoting endurance through movement, whilst incorporating spatial awareness skills.

• The cognitive benefits include engaging in conversation, listening to instructions and processing information given, encouraging use of memory recall, concentration and attention, along with sequencing and problem solving skills.
Sit Skiing at Pembrey
Sit Skiing at Pembrey
• There are incredible emotional benefits to adaptive skiing. This is a great activity for building confidence and self-esteem. It provides the user with a sense of belonging and hope. The sense of achievement that can be obtained from adaptive skiing is life-changing for individuals with disabilities.

• There is a great social element to adaptive skiing. It is a fun way to make new friends while engaging in a fun and meaningful activity. It encourages social interaction and communication that can support positive relationships building.

• In today’s society, it is important that activities can be sought that support well-being. Adaptive skiing activities provide purposeful structure to time, and can bring an immense sense of achievement. For individuals who have additional needs, engaging regularly in sports such as adaptive skiing can help combat stress.

Adaptive Skiing is an inclusive activity that can be used to support people with disabilities to join in with family activities.


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