About Peterstone Lakes Fishery

Peterstone Fishery is stocked with a wide variety of fish to cater for all anglers and was voted 7th Place In The Top 10 F1 Hotspots By Angling Times Advanced.

The Pencil Lake
This lake is the match man/any anglers favorite. Stocked and practically oozing with a vast variety of pristine fish, producing bags of several hundred pounds.

The Swan Lake
The name pretty much says it all. Beautifully shaped and created in the superb shape of the swans head and neckline.

Another anglers favorite due to the fantastic sized perch around 2 1/2 pounds and you will also find bream, roach, rudd, tench, orffe, barbel and carp.

The Carp Lake
The small carp lake is mainly stocked with carp in their small doubles and the odd visiting bream and orffe in many colors. This really is a lovely little lake with the carp angler and beginner in mind.


51.5341263, -3.02320552

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