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Go Below Underground Adventures specialise in personally-guided authentic expeditions in abandoned slate mines in Snowdonia. Trips from £59 per person.

Our original ‘Challenge’ trip is designed to test your nerve on a 5-hour adventure which involves journeying through a fascinating subterranean environment. You'll propel yourself through an old mine by abseiling, zip-lining, boating, scrambling and climbing a waterfall in an experience that will leave you feeling elated and exhilarated. Our trip leaders are passionate about the mining industry and its history and can impart a wealth of information and show you ancient artefacts still sitting where the last miners left them. This adventure trip starts from our base at the Conwy Falls near Betws-y-Coed and is suitable for ages of 10 and upwards.

Think you’re up for a bigger challenge? The 6-hour long ‘Hero Xtreme’ trip takes place in the largest and deepest slate mine in the world! This challenging route crosses zip lines and bridges over gaping chasms, follows ancient ledges and walkways past hideous drops and navigates ladders on towering chamber walls. It passes over deep water, up and down time-worn miners’ stairways, past old and derelict machinery and buildings. Participants can stop for lunch on the infamous Xtreme Picnic Bench (little more than a few planks of wood bolted to the side of a 120ft high chamber wall!) before the journey eventually reaches a depth of over 1,300ft – that’s the deepest publicly accessible point in the UK! This adventure trip starts from our base in Tanygrisiau and is suitable for ages 14 and upwards.
If you're looking for world class adventure, try the ‘Ultimate Xtreme’ trip. Purely for adrenaline junkies, this adult-only trip takes place in the same mine as the 'Hero Xtreme' where you’ll climb, traverse, abseil, zip-line, and leap on a colossal scale. On your 7 hour, 5km adventure you’ll conquer multiple rickety bridges and zip along a staggering 9 disgustingly-high zip lines through chamber to chamber as there is no floor! This experience will also have you flying down ‘Goliath’, the longest and deepest underground zip line in the world – 426ft long! Jam-packed with hideous heights, wobbly beams and lanky ladders, it’s guaranteed to get the heart thumping. To top it all off, you’ll finish this trip with a leap of faith off the world’s first and only underground 70ft free fall, but only if you dare…This adventure trip starts from our base in Tanygrisiau and is suitable for ages 18 and upwards.

If endurance is more your thing, look no further than the brand new Mine to Mountain trip - a staggering 14-hour mammoth adventure both below and above ground! Journey from the deepest publicly accessible point in the UK to the top of Snowdon, the highest mountain in England and Wales, all in one day! You'll begin at our Tanygrisiau base, where you'll delve deep into the magical labyrinth of the largest and deepest slate mine in the world. You'll adventure across ancient bridges, traverse catwalks and miners' stairways to reach a point that is 1,375 vertical feet underground. From the deepest point underground, climb all the way back up into daylight via a different route and head over to Pen-y-Gwryd to begin your guided ascent of Snowdon at 3,560ft! Completely unique to Go Below, this totally epic experience is available to adventure-seeking individuals, couples, families and groups aged 14 and upwards. Definitely one for the bucket list!


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