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This excellent walking holiday break follows the course of the River Dee, a beautiful salmon river snaking through pastoral riverside and hillside landscape, in Wales’s quiet rural Borderlands.

The walk is not just a riverside stroll ; you follow river paths, quiet country lanes, climb old celtic trails dipping and rising over heather covered hillsides, through fields and woods.
Large areas of the hillsides and riverbanks of the Dee Valley, are protected SSSI’s. You may see curlews, golden plover, peregrine, merlin, and the elusive black grouse, suddenly startling you as it flutters loudly out of the heather. Kingfishers are seen along the riverside and in the sparkling waters of the River Dee you catch glimpses of salmon and brown trout ; you may even catch sight of the usually nocturnal otters attracted to the healthy populations of fish.


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