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Portmeirion Terrace
Portmeirion Terrace
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About Hotel Portmeirion & Village Rooms

The Hotel Portmeirion opened in 1926 as the focal point of Clough Williams-Ellis' proposed idea village. Artists, writers and Albanian royalty have stayed - everyone is special at Portmeirion and all are welcome.
The main building of the hotel was built around 1850 (extended by Clough Williams-Ellis in 1926 & 1930; listed Grade II 1971) was the original mansion of Aber Iâ.and first described by Richard Richards in 1861 as "one of the most picturesque of all the summer residences to be found on the sea-coast of Wales."

Hotel rooms and suites are located in both the main building of the hotel and in various locations around the beautiful surroundings of Portmeirion Italiante Village.
The Hotel Portmeirion


52.91415, -4.09791

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