Must do in Llanwrtyd Wells

Llanwrtyd might be the smallest town in Wales, but there’s plenty going on. It's the home of bogsnorkelling, red kites and prolific breweries, surrounded by landscapes made for biking and trekking.

  • A man taking part in the bog snorkelling world championship in Llanwrtyd Wells, Powys
    World Bog Snorkelling Championship, Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales

    This baffling and brilliant event, stuck in the mud surrounding the Waen Rhydd Bog, encompasses an eight-mile run, two lengths of a 60-yard peat bog trench and a 12-mile mountain bike ride. Gentler versions are laid on for younger or less hardy athletes, and it's genuinely spectacular to watch.

  • The Drovers Rest, Llanwrtyd Wells

    The Drovers Rest, Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales

     by The Drovers Rest

    A top-rated small restaurant, you'll be able to sample Welsh cheese, fish, meats and vegetables by the River Irfon here, set opposite the town's famous Red Kite sculpture. It also offers accommodation, cooking schools, advice on other local activities and great views of the surrounding countryside.

  • Want to see the Bridle Paths, Drovers' Road and forests of the Irfon Valley in style? This small riding school will create an adventure to suit you, whether you're an experienced rider or a family taking to the saddle for the first time. Short or day-long treks can be arranged.

  • A three-day flourish of guided rides and fooling around in August as part of an annual programme of fun first organised during the 1980s, the Cider Cycle includes checkpoints where apple juice fans can refresh themselves on keg and farmhouse ciders and perries. Two different distances and camping are available.

  • The Devils Challenge, Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales

    The Devil's Challenge, Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales


    With its smooth roads and picturesque spots for camping, Llanwrtyd and its surrounding hills are right up there with the best places in the world for a biking holiday. This challenge features a series of fiendish climbs for cyclists seeking a thrill, although you can easily enjoy the scenery at your leisure.

  • The National Cycle Museum, Llanwrtyd Wells

    The National Cycle Museum, Llanwrtyd Wells

     by National Cycle Museum

    There isn't much hint of streamlined sleekness in the historic bike street you'll walk along in this much-loved museum situated in nearby Llandrindod Wells. Paying homage to the Penny Farthing, ardent racers and fearsome feats of fitness from history, its 200 vehicles date all the way back to 1819, from boneshakers to carbon fibre.  Definitely worth a short car trip! 

  • Plaque marking the opening of the Heart of Wales Brewery by The Prince of Wales

    The Heart of Wales Brewery, Llanwrtyd Wells, Mid Wales

     by Heart of Wales Brewery

    You might be unsurprised to hear that this brewery's signature ale is described as somewhat moreish, although there are at least six other varieties to choose from at any time should you prefer a stronger or milder tipple. Based in the Neuadd Arms Hotel, their initial brew arrived ten years ago.

  • Red Kite, Gigrin, Powys
    Red Kite, Gigrin Farm, Brecon Beacons

    If you want to meet the real residents of Llanwrtyd, try getting up close to the area's emblematic red kites, whose official feeding and rehabilitation centre has been at this 200-acre farm since 1992. The place is as well-known for its facilities and friendliness as its spectacular views of the region.

  • Usually taking place in August, this paradise for foodies features everything from honey-roasted ham to ciders, ales, chocolate and ice-cream made by established and up-and-coming local and visiting producers. Traditional sweet breads, curries, pies, cakes, coffee and fudge were among the 2014 highlights, as well as demonstrations by the chefs.

  • Few sporting events can guarantee unmissable action for onlookers – but this one definitely can. Don't fancy hay bale throwing? Try wife carrying or stone skimming. Following in the hoofprints of the town's annual man v horse marathon in June, this cavalcade of unusual competitions takes place across two August weeks.