Zoo attractions in North Wales

Anglesey Sea Zoo

Featuring over 150 marine species from shark to seahorse, the Anglesey Sea Zoo highlights the diversity of wildlife living off the coast of Wales. The zoo is also actively involved in a variety of conservation programmes, including the Dolphin Rescue Service and the Lobster Hatchery of Wales.

Boy looking at fish in the aquarium.
Young girl looking at fish in an aquarium.

Anglesey Sea Zoo, North Wales

Pili Palas Nature World, Anglesey

The Pili Palas Nature World butterfly enclosure on the island of Anglesey is full of exotic flora and fauna, offering the opportunity for visitors to commune with a rich variety of butterflies in their colourful glory. You can also come up close and personal with snakes and lizards in a handling session. Fortunately, the tarantulas, scorpions and fire-bellied toads do not feature. A furrier range of attractions include rabbits, guinea pigs, pygmy goats and adorable kune kune pigs.

Welsh Mountain Zoo, Colwyn Bay

High above the coast town of Colwyn Bay, the Welsh Mountain Zoo is home to a Sumatran tiger and snow leopard, as well as chimpanzees, sea lions, penguins and birds of prey. The zoo has also been a longstanding haven for flora and fauna, featuring plants from Chile, Russia and the Himalayas.

Zoo attractions in Mid Wales

Magic of Life Butterfly House

Located adjacent to the stunning Rheidol Valley near Aberystwyth, over 80 different species of butterfly are displayed during the year. The tropical conditions of the butterfly house are the perfect environment for rare plants to thrive in the Magic of Life Butterfly House garden.

Zoo attractions in West Wales

Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire

Folly Farm is one of the most popular visitor attractions in Pembrokeshire and its zoo is sometimes overlooked. The only giraffes in Wales are the headline act, but the zoo is full of unusual animals. There are over 50 different species, including bongo, fossa, turaco, Nile lechwe and capybara. It's also home to Glyndŵr, the first Welsh rhino and a sloth retirement centre (yes, you read that right!).

Giraffes nibbling on twigs
Penguins at Folly Farm.

Folly Farm, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Manor Wildlife Park, Tenby

Set in 50 acres of Pembrokeshire countryside, Manor Wildlife Park's attractions include rare Sumatran tigers, red pandas, rhino, Brazilian tapir, marmoset, zebra and many more. There is plenty of picnic space, a café with locally sourced snacks and a secure Hay-Play area.

Plantasia Tropical Zoo

Plantasia Tropical Zoo is a captivating oasis nestled in the heart of Swansea. It offers visitors an immersive journey into the lush and vibrant world of tropical flora and fauna. Encounter a dazzling array of exotic plants and fascinating creatures from around the globe, such as butterflies, reptiles, birds, and even monkeys. With educational exhibits, interactive experiences, and daily animal encounters, Plantasia provides a fun and educational adventure for visitors of all ages.

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