Lampeter-born designer and knitwear specialist Alis Gwyther creates and sells colourful, contemporary and unique textiles under her label Alis Knits. Passionate about shopping locally and supporting independent businesses, Alis supports and promotes small, Welsh businesses on her Instagram account.

Alis has collated a collection of some of her favourite companies to provide inspiration and encouragement to shop all things Welsh - perfect for Christmas present ideas, Mother's Day treats or gorgeous birthday gifts. You can buy unique and traditional Welsh presents from all companies featured on Alis’ list online, providing a great opportunity to purchase gifts from every corner of Wales from your own home, wherever you live.

Two girls modelling a hat and scarf from the Alis Knit Collection

Alis Knits

Lotti & Wren

A wonderful and welcoming shop in Caernarfon town centre, which has also just launched an online shop. Lotti & Wren has a variety of artists and designers' work on display on the shop’s colourful shelves. A lovely shop if you're looking for fun items.

Hannah Megan Jewellery

Hannah, a talented designer and jewellery maker, has recently opened her own studio in Llanelli. Hannah works mainly with silver, but also introduces traces of copper to her work, and uses traditional and contemporary techniques. She also runs jewellery workshops.

Follow Hannah Megan Jewellery on Instagram: @hannahmeganjewellery

A woman at a market stall with jewellery items in front of her
A ring with a blue stone being displayed
A chair and small glass table with leaflets on in front of a wall displaying art work

Hannah Megan Jewellery

Ophelia Dos Santos

Ophelia Dos Santos, a Welsh textile designer living in Cardiff, focuses on sustainable fashion. Ophelia hopes to inspire environmental and social changes by encouraging people to think about how we buy, re-use and dispose of clothing. Her aim is to encourage customers to touch up and adapt their existing clothing, rather than throw them away. For example, you can buy an embroidery kit from her and use it to refresh some of the pieces already in your wardrobe, giving you a new look without the need to buy anything new.

A woman wearing sunglasses modelling a blue and white top

Ophelia Dos Santos 


Hunant set up during the lock-up period, hoping to add some Welsh colour and ambience to peoples sleeping environment. The traditional Welsh tapestry patterned coloured organic cotton sheets add a touch of nostalgia and colour without compromising the bedroom aesthetic.

Temeka – Noble Sol

Temeka is a Cardiff artist, creating simple portraits that reflect beauty in a humble and natural way. I love the contrast between the bold colours and the minimalist lines in her work.

Follow Noble Sol on Instagram: @noblesol

Two pieces of artwork on a black background
Six colourful pieces of art work

Noble Sol


Mari Catrin Phillips, originally from Pembrokeshire, creates colourful and inclusive work drawing inspiration from 'LGBTQ goddesses’. Her aim is to give the community a voice in a fun and colourful way. Mari initially paints all pictures by hand, before developing the pieces into digital art to sell as prints, stickers and other goods.

Siop y Pethe

A shop filled with Welsh products located in the centre of Aberystwyth. Shop y Pethe sells all sorts of goods, from books to beauty items, to locally made craft. A great independent shop which also has an online presence, and sends orders to customers in all corners of Wales and beyond.

Lora Wyn 

Lora Wyn, a jewellery designer from Caernarfon, designs and produces lovely enamel jewellery. All designs come in a number of different colours, and one of the most special and unique element of Lora's jewellery is that she creates her own ear wires, hoops and classics to complete the unique pieces.

A snowlflake pendant on a silver necklace
Five enamel heart necklaces in different colours

Lora Wyn


I love the HIWTI messages of making art affordable, and encouraging self-love and confidence in everyone. If you haven't heard of HIWTI check out the Instagram page to see lots of pink and a lot of self-confidence!

Follow HIWTI on Instagram: @h.i.w.t.i

Woolly Wales

Sara grew up in Mid Wales, but has since married a farmer based on the Gower Peninsula. She recently started producing her own wool, and colours and spins a unique thread of her own wool, as well as using wool sourced by farmers from around Wales. She uses this to weave her own shoes and scarves and sells them on her website, Woolly Wales.

An art studio exhibiting wool creations

Woolly Wales


Angharad from Crock-Â-Shwt creates colourful ceramics influenced by her love of drawing and clay. She uses bold colours and imagery to create pieces that tell a story and celebrate modern ceramic design. Each piece is thrown or built by hand and painted by Angharad in her studio in Bridgend.

Memories of Wales

Katherine Jones is an artist based in Cardiff. Her work comprises of beautiful memory boxes – curated collections of found and treasured objects. Katherine’s work 'Mamgu’s Boxes' (a Welsh word for Grandma) has featured on BBC Radio 4. In addition, she produces intricately detailed pen and ink drawings of Welsh landscapes, cityscapes, individual buildings and animals. 

Artwork  piece of Tenby
Artwork monthly nature box

Katherine Jones artwork and Mamgu’s Box

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