New Quay is an ideal launch port for exploring the natural wonders of the spectacular Ceredigion Marine Heritage Coast. Spend time amongst the porpoises, Atlantic grey seals, razorbills, gannets, shearwaters, cormorants, shags, and guillemots, with a sunfish, basking shark, minke whale, humpback whale or leatherback turtle also putting an occasional appearance in this unspoilt wildlife paradise.

Dolphin Survey Boat Trips and Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips know the habits and usual locations of our Cardigan Bay dolphins and other marine mammals, so there’s always a chance you’ll capture that bottlenose dolphin in a spectacular display four metres above the ocean - but as we know, there are no guarantees in nature!

If you're concerned about boat trips annoying the local wildlife, these are recommended boat operators and the skippers are WISe qualified, ensuring your boat trip will be conducted in accordance with the marine code of conduct. The Dolphin Spotting Boat Trips and Dolphin Survey Boat Trips operators both undertake scientific monitoring of the dolphins, and provide ongoing data collection and citizen science for the Sea Watch Foundation.

SeaMôr (môr is Welsh for sea) also runs trips from New Quay, while obtaining dolphin data for the Sea Watch Foundation and listening to the dolphins and porpoises through an onboard hydrophone. 

If sea fishing’s your sport, whether you want to learn the ropes or just take home the catch, you can set sail on the family-friendly 'Legend of New Quay' with Epic Fishing Trips, or Awesome Angling's 'Dunbar Castle II'.

Cardigan Bay is a Special Area of Conservation, and Cardigan Bay Marine Wildlife Centre is a great place for a visit when you fancy a day as a 'landlubber' in New Quay.

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