Gwrych Castle & Estate is a Grade I listed 19th-century country house near Abergele in Conwy, North Wales. The castle and 250 acre estate are privately owned and have been home and host to generations of Welsh gentry.

Though the castle is currently closed to the public, tickets are available to buy for Spring 2022. Annual passes, gift vouchers, Gwrych Castle gifts and official I'm A Celebrity branded merchandise, are also available to purchase from the Gwrych Castle website,

If you're inspired by the I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here! celebrities, bedding down in Gwrych Castle, why not plan your own series of adrenaline fueled trials in Wales and see if you can crown yourself Queen or King of the castle?

The 'nap while hanging off a cliff' trial

So abseiling down a cliff definitely wasn't for BBC Radio One presenter Jordan North in the 2020 series of I'm A Celebrity... . Shall we just remind ourselves of how he managed on the cliff top?


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If heights make you feel anything like Jordan, then this is going to be a real challenge for you too! You'll arrive at the preparation site on the top of the cliff, strap on your safety gear, then abseil down a cliff's edge to your 'cosy platform'. You can enjoy a cup of hot chocolate or get stuck into a good book - while suspended high above the crashing waves below.

Yes, that’s right. If you venture to the Anglesey coastline in North Wales, you can enjoy a 'cosy' night’s sleep on a bed attached to the side of a cliff face with Gaia Adventures. This unique sleepover is best for small groups as the ‘portaledges’ you sleep on can only fit two or three. It's not for the faint of heart, but there’s no doubt you’ll be talking about it for years to come.

A cliff face above the sea with two people sitting on a portaledge suspended from the cliff edge.
A cliff face above the sea with two people sitting on a portaledge suspended from the cliff edge.

Cliff camping. Not for the faint of heart!

The 'jump off a cliff' trial

Jump off a cliff. Into the SEA. You heard us. Scared of heights? Don't like getting wet? There's nothing like facing those fears and taking the plunge into some bracing waves from a great height.

This leisurely pastime is called coasteering and was actually invented here in Wales, by surfers in Pembrokeshire as they scrambled around the coastline trying to find a way into the waves. (We've got a lot of cliffs and over 800 miles of coastline, so you can see where the idea came from.) These days coasteering is a treasured Welsh adrenaline past time, with sessions run for groups of all abilities and with different accessibility requirements. You can even do it in fancy dress, if you like!

Coasteering without an accredited guide can be dangerous, so we recommend that you search our list of accredited coasteering providers who can ensure that your adventure is a safe one.

group of male adults laughing as they jump off the rocks into the blue sea, coasteering with instructors.


The 'defeat the fastest zipline in the world' trial

This is a double whammy if you don't like heights ... head to Penrhyn Slate Quarry near Bethesda and get yourself strapped into Zip World's Velocity 2, which is the fastest zipline in the world and the longest in Europe. Flyers can reach speeds of an eye-watering 125mph, flying 500 feet above the historic site of Penrhyn. Although to be fair you'll probably be doing more shrieking than sightseeing while you're up there.

a man strapped into a zipwire overlooking a large quarry

Velocity 2, Zip World

The 'I'm not scared of ghosts' trial

Stop for a sherry to steady your nerves - then join a séance in the most haunted pub in Wales. We're talking about a 900-year old tavern called The Skirrid Mountain Inn, which used to be a courtroom. Local legend tells us that nearly 200 convicted felons were hanged from an oak beam over the staircase at the inn. The name of the inn comes from the mountain behind it, named for the Welsh word for shiver - ysgyryd. Some say in the hours after the crucifixion of Jesus, the mountain itself showed its anger - shivering and breaking into two  halves, creating the 'the Great Shiver' (Ysgyryd Fawr) and 'the Little Shiver' (Ysgyryd Fach).

While we can't comment on the accuracy of the legends, we're definitely not going in without a flashlight. If you're still not scared, check out our guide to Haunted Wales.

Finding ghosts at the Skirrid Inn

The 'snorkel through a bog' trial

There's no other way to dress this up - it is what it is. And that is, snorkelling through a bog. Wales is actually home to the International Bog Snorkelling Championships. It's a unique test of endurance and skill like no other, and was described by Lonely Planet as one of the world's top 50 'must-do' experiences.

Although it might sound like just a bit of fun, people train year round for this event. After all, there's a world title up for grabs! Can you beat the bog?

Image of a person wearing a snorkel and mask in a bog.
Image of a person riding a bicycle through a bog.

Beat the bog!

The 'full on adrenaline day' trial

if you want to be holistically challenged, then you need a location with a variety of experiences. Lucky for you Adventure Parc Snowdonia is just the ticket. APS offers three adventure zones - Surf Snowdonia, where you can learn to surf on the world's first inland surf lagoon (or improve your skills if you're a pro). Then there's Adrenaline Indoors, with its indoor caves, extreme slides, zip lines, climbing walls and ninja assault course! Finally, head to Outdoor Adventures, where you'll find outdoor climbing walls, zip lines, pump track, and more!

If this all sounds a bit exhausting (and let's be honest - I'm tired just typing it all out), then you need to challenge yourself to a 'relaxation trial'. APS have an exciting new accommodation on site, the Hilton Garden Inn with the adjoining Wave Garden Spa, perfect for some well deserved R and R. 

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The 'sleep in a castle' trial

If you fancy living royal-styles for a temporary period of time, then why not book yourself a room in a castle? Yes - you heard right - here in Wales, we've got castles that you can actually stay in. From medieval fortresses to Tudor marvels, we've got historic buildings across the country, waiting to give you a comfortable break. And unlike the celebs in Gwrych, you won't even need to get a friend to pump water for the shower for you.

Our picks across the country are, Brecon Castle, Craig-y-Nos Castle, Castell Deudraeth, Cardigan Castle, and Roch Castle

More castles: Welsh castles you can stay in


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