If you're looking for action-packed accessible activities, you've come to the right place. Wales' glorious coast and countryside is home to a host of things to do.

Accessible adventure in Wales

Make a splash

With more than 1,600 miles (2,500km) of coastline, Wales is well-known for its wonderful watersports. Thanks to providers like Surfability UK it's easy for adventurers with a range of physical and mental impairments to experience what our seas have to offer.

Based at Caswell Bay on the beautiful Gower Peninsula in West Wales, Surfability UK provides a range of adaptive options for surfers of all abilities and needs. Riders able to stand can try their hand at assisted solo and tandem surfing, while specially adapted seated tandem boards are available for those with more limited mobility.

A young man standing up on a surfboard.
A man on a surfboard with a group of people helping.

Learning to surf at Caswell Bay with Surfability UK, West Wales

'We’re so fortunate in Wales to be surrounded by all this incredible green and blue space,' says Surfability's founder Ben Clifford. 'What really makes the difference to peoples lives is to be able to access it. No matter who you are and what extra needs you might have, you can come here and feel this fresh air and enjoy this beautiful scenery.'

Alongside offering specialist equipment including beach wheelchairs and dedicated changing areas with hoists, Surfability UK caters its sessions to the individuals involved. Sometimes doing a simple thing like slowing the lesson down can be all that's required to give the people a great experience. 'We see huge changes in our participants,' says Ben. 'We’ve had people say their first ever sentences and move in ways they weren’t ever expected to move. It’s almost a daily occurrence for us to be able to see these things.'

Wales is very open and accepting of people with additional needs. There are a lot of amazing activities that people can get involved in while they're here."

A young lady being helped to use a surfboard.

Learning to surf at Caswell Bay with Surfability UK, West Wales

Saddle up

There are also plenty of accessible options if you prefer to have your fun on dry land. You'll find Riding for the Disabled Association (RDA) centres across Wales where visitors with physical and developmental issues can experience riding in a safe and inclusive environment.

With specially trained ponies and equipment like mounting blocks and tack adapted for riders who can only use one hand, RDA centres offer an easy and accessible way into the world of riding. 'It improves everybody’s mental health and makes people feel happier and better about themselves,' says Anneli Jeynes of Mount Pleasant RDA near Bridgend in South Wales.

Experiences on horseback are only part of what you can do at an RDA centre. 'If you are unable or don’t want to ride but do want to spend time with the ponies, you can do that by grooming and handling.' says Anneli. 'It’s a very calming experience and a quiet setting to be in.'

A young lady being assisted to ride a horse.
A young person riding a horse.

Young people riding at Mount Pleasant Riding for the Disabled Association centre, with specially trained volunteers assisting them. Pencoed, South Wales

Park life

There's more accessible riding, this time on wheels, at Alyn Waters Country Park, WrexhamPedal Power Cycling 4 All is an all-ability bike hire service offering a fleet of standard and specialist bikes including trikes, hand-cycles, wheelchair bikes and side-by-side bikes, for use on the cycle paths around the country park. There is also a traffic-free, easy cycle track around the park where visitors can enjoy the benefits of cycling in a safe and secure environment. Standard bikes and kids' bikes are available to hire too.

mountain bike leaning against a tree in a park and a person with a prosthetic leg stood next to it.

Pedal Power Cycling4All user at Alyn Waters Country Park, Wrexham

At Pembrey Country Park near Llanelli in Carmarthenshire, visitors can hire adaptive bikes at the ski and activity centre to explore the park's traffic free cycle paths. As well as bike hire, there are also dedicated staff on hand to help cyclists of all abilities enjoy their time in the saddle.

'Wales is renowned as an activity holiday destination where you can enjoy the outdoors,' says Pembrey Country Park's Zoe. 'What we aim to do here is incorporate the outdoors for everybody. Anybody who wants a bit of adventure is able to partake.'

Adaptive bike hire is also available from Beics Antur Bikes, Caernarfon.

A child being helped to use an adapted cycle.
A young lady riding a bicycle in the countryside.

Children enjoying the adaptive cycling facility at Pembrey Country Park, Pembrokeshire, West Wales

Bikes are just one element of the accessible adventures available at Pembrey Country Park. Visitors can also hire beach wheelchairs to venture onto the sands of Cefn Sidan beach or pick up speed on the park's dry ski slope. Ski4All Wales run weekly sessions at Pembrey which give differently abled extreme sports enthusiasts a chance to enjoy some downhill action.

With equipment and training suited to skiers with a wide range of needs, Ski4All Wales makes a sometimes intimidating sport open to everyone. 'We wanted the slopes to be as accessible as possible, so we’re continuously striving to make sure that we’re gold standard,' says Bethan Drinkall of Ski4All Wales. 'We’ve got skiers who are non-verbal, whose parents tell us start getting excited as soon as they come through the gates and leave more relaxed and sleeping better. Just being outside in the fresh air is a complete tonic.'

A child in an adapted sled / ski-pram being pushed by a man on a dry ski-slope.
Several people skiing down a dry ski slope.

Using an adapted ski-pram and a Ski4All Wales session at the Ski & Activity Centre. Pembrey Country Park, West Wales

We've only really scratched the surface of what's on offer here in Wales for adventure-seeking visitors with additional needs. For more information in accessible things to do all over the country, follow the links below.

Wherever you choose to go, you'll be made to feel at home and find a wealth of things to experience. 'Wales is very open and accepting of people with additional needs,' says Surfability UK's Ben Clifford. 'There are a lot of amazing activities that people can get involved in while they're here.'

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