The heritage of Wales

Inspire your trip to Wales with a majestic, virtual tour of some of Wales' most impressive and imposing cultural landmarks. This short UNESCO documentary will take you on an aerial journey around the Welsh countryside, showcasing some of the most spectacular castles ever built anywhere in the world. 

Narrated by distinguished Welsh actor, Phillip Madoc and set to music from the Fron choir; this video makes for the perfect introduction to the treasure trove of heritage that Wales has to offer. You can also learn more about the music by visiting the Fron choir website.

The heritage of Wales

Rising from ruins: Segontium Roman fort

Peering further back into the history of Wales takes us to ancient Briton and the Roman occupation of Wales. Even though we no longer have completely intact Roman forts dotting the landscape you can still experience what it was like to wander within their walls. 

The incredible graphics artists at Cadw have recreated the Roman fort at Caernarfon for you to explore in this video. You can even see where the fort would have been in modern day Caernarfon and what it would look like if it was still part of the city. 

For more amazing reconstructions you can visit the Cadw website or if you'd like to learn more about Roman forts in particular you can check out the CAER Heritage Hidden Hillfort project website for an in depth virtual reconstruction.

Rising from ruins: Segontium Roman fort, North Wales

The Virtual Tourist

If you're interested in a closer look at some of Wales' past then the Virtual Tourist offers a great way to place yourself in a variety of heritage locations. This clip provides a short, flavourful bite of what it's like to really be walking across Pont Penllyn bridge on a beautiful summers day.

With no narration or added music the Virtual Tourist allows for an unfiltered, natural experience that lets the power of these historic sites shine through. There are many other locations to visit with the Virtual Tourist on their channel. Why not start with a clip of the towering castle walls at Conwy? You can almost imagine what it would be like to assault this fortress and still enjoy a cup of tea at the same time!

The Virtual Tourist: Pont Penllyn Bridge, Caernarfon, North Wales

Towels Travels: Inside Britain's smallest house

There is nothing quite like getting to see history for yourself but this video from Towels Travels gives you the next best thing. Step into Britain's smallest house with this video experience and imagine what it would have been like to actually live here. It might feel cramped but this was a functional home for over three hundred years!

The first person perspective gives the viewer a real sense of quite how small this abode really was and the sort of furniture that would have been used to make it feel like a home. This virtual tour gives a great sense of what the tiny house has to offer and makes this quirky landmark stand out as a unique piece of Welsh heritage.

Inside Britain's Smallest House, Conwy, North Wales

Big Pit National Coal Museum: Video history and virtual reality expedition

The Big Pit National Coal Museum is a monument to the importance of mining in Welsh history and this video will take you on a journey of discovery into that world. The short film also covers the history of the miners' strike in Wales by interviewing miners who were a part of it. If you're interested in learning even more you can read the museum's resource pack on the miners' strike.

The Big Pit was a functional mine in Blaenavon for over one hundred years but it was converted into a museum in 1983 and the Big Pit offers a huge amount of information on the mine's history. But if you want to get hands on with some interactive education then you can also take part in a virtual reality underground expedition into the mine. Simply follow the museum's instructions for downloading Google Expeditions for free and then you can use your phone or tablet to enter the Big Pit from your own home! Virtual reality expedition underground at Big Pit Instructions.

Big Pit: National Coal Museum, Blaenavon, South Wales


Cadw is the Welsh government's historic environment service. They have been doing fantastic work preserving and promoting the heritage of Wales and you can stay up to date with all of their activities by checking out the Cadw Twitter account. Connecting with them online lets you receive great tips on indoor education by getting involved with their learning resources and board games.

Take a virtual visit of four of the Wales’ iconic castles in 3D. Explore Criccieth Castle, Harlech Castle, Castell y Bere and Raglan Castle from the comfort of your home.

Cadw also have an interactive app that lets you explore 6000 years worth of Welsh history from your phone! You can download the Cadw app for free on the Cadw website and get started with their digital tours and image galleries. The app has everything you need to investigate the vast heritage of Wales without even leaving your sofa.

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