Although the series was first broadcast over a decade ago, fans still travel to Wales to check out some of the most famous filming locations from across the series and Christmas specials. Most of the series - including many of the scenes that are meant to be in England - were actually filmed in and around the town of Barry.

We've pulled together a list of some of the must-visit stops for Gavin & Stacey fans looking for where it all took place. Get ready for a crackin' time.

Vanessa Jenkins (RUTH JONES); Stacey Shipman (JOANNA PAGE); Gavin Shipman (MATHEW HORNE); Smithy (JAMES CORDEN).

Vanessa Jenkins (RUTH JONES); Stacey Shipman (JOANNA PAGE); Gavin Shipman (MATHEW HORNE); Smithy (JAMES CORDEN)

Gwen and Stacey's house

Trinity Street, Barry

Halfway up this steep hill of terraces, you'll find the house that Stacey and her mum live in. You won't struggle to spot it, either, as the current owners have put photos from the show in the downstairs windows and have hung a sign that says they welcome conversations with fans.

Uncle Bryn's house 

Trinity Street, Barry (Doris lives nearby)

A few metres from Stacey's house is that of Uncle Bryn and his big computer for surfing the world wide web (or should that be 'whisky with water'? Apparently, the family that lived there while the second series was filmed have a script from an unaired episode, one where they reveal what happened on THAT fishing trip.

View down Trinity Street in Barry.
Exterior of a red brick terraced house in Barry.

Trinity Street, Barry, South Wales

Pam and Mick's house

Laburnum Way, Dinas Powys

In the show, Gavin's parents live one country away from Stacey's family. In reality, the filming locations are more like one train stop away from each other! The house is on a quiet road in the sprawling village of Dinas Powys, so when there's filming taking place – like that for the 2019 Christmas special – all of the locals know exactly what's going on. 

Exterior of modern looking bungalow.

Laburnum Way, Dinas Powys, South Wales standing in for Billericay

Marco's Cafe

Marco's Cafe, Barry Island

This bright blue coffee shop featured in the very first episode of Gavin & Stacey. Come series three, Stacey has a job there. During filming, the owner actually taught James Corden how to make a decent coffee. He even served the customers on one occasion!

Exterior of Marco's Coffee shop, Barry Island.
Exterior of Marco's Coffee shop, Barry Island.

Marco's Coffee, Barry Island, South Wales

Nessa's Slots

Island Leisure Amusement Arcade, Barry Island

Gather your coppers and take a trip to the arcade where Nessa worked the slots. Everything about it is just like in the show – the flashing machines, the background noise of kids playing on games and the good British seaside vibes. The A-board outside it says, 'Nessa's Slots – Come and see what's occurrin' ', so many people do.

Nessa's Slots sandwich board.
exterior of amusement arcade.
interior of amusement arcade.

Nessa's Slots, Barry Island, South Wales

Smithy's local, the Colcot Arms

The Colcot Arms,  Colcot Road, Barry

Remember Smithy's drunken quiz night in the second episode? Despite being set in Billericay, it was actually filmed at the Colcot Arms in Barry. The real pub quizzes that go on in there are somewhat tamer! Find out more on the Colcot Arms Facebook page.

Sign and exterior of the Colcot Arms, Barry.
Exterior of the Colcot Arms, Barry.

The Colcot Arms, Barry, South Wales

Gavin & Stacey's wedding reception

Manor Parc Country Hotel, Thornhill

After the main couple's wedding, which was filmed in St Cattwg's Church in Llanmaes, everyone flocks to the wedding reception. Most of the scenes were filmed in the Cedar room, while some of the outdoor spaces were used for the awkward conversations that took place between Nessa and Smithy and Bryn and Jason. The front looks slightly different now, as it has been refurbished with a new porch, but it's still recognisable.

 'Nessa' from Gavin and Stacey turning on Christmas lights.

Actress Ruth Jones, dressed as ‘Nessa’ from BBC Production Gavin and Stacey turning on the Christmas Lights, King Square, Barry, 23 November 2019

Further Information

Visit the Vale has more details about Gavin & Stacey filming locations, plus plenty of useful info for visiting Barry and the surrounding area.

Staying in the area? Use the our accommodation search to find somewhere to stay, or the attractions search to discover what else you can do in the area.

For behind the scenes info and clips, head to the BBC's Gavin & Stacey web pages.

Barry Island beach and promenade.

Barry Island, South Wales

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