Wales is home to over 641 castles, more than any other country in Europe. You’re encouraged to visit them: climb towers, walk ancient walls and explore dungeons. This is the land of magic, myth and dragons.

Harlech Castle, Nordwales.
Image of a red car driving on a bridge towards Conwy Castle
Two of Wales' 641 Castles.

Wales is where Prince Charles was invested as the Prince of Wales in 1969. Royal connections abound, and everyone can be spoiled by staying in hotels formerly owned by kings and queens. Across the country, the art of hospitality is thriving, albeit with modern amenities and a contemporary Welsh style.

Most of all, you’ll experience a friendly “croeso.” That’s Welsh for “welcome,” and you’ll feel it everywhere you go in Wales.

Escape to a country full of breathtaking views, quaint towns, Celtic heritage and endless culture. We speak Welsh, but we speak English too.

A voice quartet performing on the National Eisteddfod stage with a harp accompaniment
Glamping under the stars
Signing at the National Eistedddfod, Glamping in Wales.

Two hours from London by train or car you’ll find Cardiff, our capital city of more than 300,000 people. Four universities and a vibrant population fuel a cosmopolitan city atmosphere. Cardiff Castle stands at the heart of downtown and Edwardian shopping arcades (Britain’s first malls) house charming one-of-a-kind shops..

Abendstimmung in der Cardiff Bay.
Cardiff Bay at dusk.

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