UNIFY - Cardiff Street Art Trail

If you’re visiting Cardiff, it's worth going in search of some very vibrant, Instagrammable and impressive street art spotted on the side of buildings in various neighbourhoods around the city. Created by UNIFY, a Welsh creative collective, the impactful murals are aimed at promoting inclusivity within sport, and celebrating Cardiff’s multicultural society. Yusuf Ismail and Shawqi Hasson, the creative duo behind the collective, share the inspiration behind the installations.

You can see the murals for yourself at the following locations:

Head to Instagram @u.nify to find out more.

Two men standing in front of a mural of a man on the side of the building. The text reads 'Only one Gary Speed'.
Two men in front of a mural on the side of a building. The mural shows a Black lady wearing a yellow Wales football shirt.

Shawqi Hasson and Yusuf Ismail in front of the art installations across Cardiff

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