I first came to the Ceiriog Valley in the 1990s, almost by accident, from Cheshire. My husband Rob and I loved walking, and we hadn’t walked in this part of Wales. It felt very special straightaway, a little haven away from the world. A few years later, we came back, and found the Tithe Barn, that needed lots of work, with a 'For Sale' sign on it.

We moved in in 2000. We’ve been here ever since.

Exterior of The Tithe Barn studio.
Painter Rosie Davies at work on a watercolour in her studio.

The Tithe Barn in Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog and Rosie at work on a commission

I didn’t start painting landscapes properly until I came here to the Ceiriog Valley. I used to work in fashion before that, doing watercolours and sketches for my job, but I knew I had to do something else moving here. I’d also been recovering from cancer, and painting was such a brilliant way to focus the mind. And then I started to look at the landscape here, and I was away.

I’d also been recovering from cancer, and painting was such a brilliant way to focus the mind."

It’s extraordinary.

Even just near where we live in Llanarmon Dyffryn Ceiriog, the hill farms and the River Ceiriog itself – going upriver and downriver – inspire me so much.

A painting of a bluebell wood.
A watercolour painting of a hilltop pool.

An iPad sketch of a bluebell wood and a watercolour of a hilltop pool by Rosie Davies

The colours of the Ceiriog Valley change so much by the season. In the winter, we get the weather patterns coming in straight from the west. Sometimes you can literally watch the snow coming! The colours also even change through the day. Right now I’m looking out at the snow-capped peaks, and the birds are out – a few kites are circling, looking for lunch. Later there are going to be bright blue skies.

Sometimes you can literally watch the snow coming!"

That’s why my paintings in oils and watercolours, and my iPad sketches, are so vivid and colourful. They reflect the land where I live, which is like a kaleidoscope to me, always changing, and always beautiful.

Oil painting of a snowy landscape with trees and a building.

An oil on canvas painting of a snowy Ceiriog Valley by Rosie Davies

We’re in a pretty good place for passing customers – opposite two of the best hotels in North East Wales. The Hand at Llanarmon and The West Arms are both renowned for their award winning chefs.

We’re also near steep biking routes towards the Vale of Llangollen and great walking routes in the Berwyn hills. The Offa’s Dyke Path crosses the valleyand there is also a lovely walk on the old tramway in Pandy (select the Ceiriog Valley West), north east of Llanarmon.

I exhibit art in both the pubs, and I’ll happily open up when their guests want to come and have a look at my studio. I’m only across the road after all!

The Hand Llanarmon, nahe Llangollen, Nordwales.
Exterior of the West Arms Hotel.

The Hand Hotel and The West Arms Hotel at Llanarmon, North Wales

We’re in a great place here – very rural, but only ten miles from Llangollen and Chirk with its castle, as well as Oswestry, just over the English border. We’re only ten miles from the Pistyll Rhaeadr waterfall, just west of here in the Tanat Valley, the highest waterfall in England and Wales, and the Pontcysyllte Aqueduct. There are lots of beautiful narrow drovers’ roads nearby, and ancient layered hedges too. I’ve painted them all, of course. There’s so much to see so close by.

Watercolour painting of a drovers track
A watercolour painting of Cadair Berwyn and Llyn Llyncaws.

Watercolours of the Ceiriog Valley - a drovers' track and Cadair Berwyn and Llyn Llyncaws by Rosie Davies

I open my studio, The Tithe Barn, on the second Saturday of the month – sometimes I have a handful of people, sometimes there’s a queue down the road! I also have a class here for local artists every Tuesday morning. The area certainly inspires people. 

The area certainly inspires people."

I’ve also worked with the local children from the two primary schools nearby – they especially love doing the iPad sketches. It’s important for that love of nature to be held close, I think, and to keep going with younger people. I also know I’m very lucky that I live somewhere that brings that feeling home. It’s a part of my life every day.

A watercolour painting of foxgloves on a hillside overlooking a valley.

A watercolour of foxgloves by Rosie Davies

Further information

Great walking routes can be discovered on the National Trails website or the Chirk and Ceiriog Valley regional website, where you can also find out where to download the Ceiriog Valley Heritage Trail app.

Search for accommodation and things to do near the Ceiriog Valley.

River Ceiriog in the countryside.
A waterfall flowing into a pool.
A waterfall flowing down into a river.

The River Ceiriog and Ceiriog Falls

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