Foilride is the UKs efoil school and it’s located in Anglesey, North Wales!  It was developed by the team behind the multi award winning RibRide, so you can guarantee a great experience.

For those who’ve never heard of an eFoil, how would you describe it?

An eFoil is a surfboard with an electric motor that flies above a hydrofoil wing. The motor is near silent and can be charged with power from a renewable source. With no noise or wake it’s a great way to interact with the beauty of our environment without imposing upon it.

Two people using eFoil surfboards on a river.

Using an eFoil surfboard, North Wales

How does the eFoil work?

The board holds a battery and electronics, and a powerful electric motor is mounted on a wing beneath. The rider stands on the board in a same way as they might surf or stand up paddleboard and controls the power with a bluetooth remote. The foil and wings combine to allow riders of all abilities to fly above any large body of water.

How did you discover the eFoil?

In 2018 we saw a video showing a rider silently flying along the waterfront on Miami. We’d never seen anything like this! We contacted this guy, who by this time had started to build the LIFT eFoil commercially and learned how to create a school. We opened FoilRide in 2019 as the first eFoil school in the UK

Two people using eFoil surfboards on the river by Portmeirion.

Using an eFoil by Portmeirion Village, North Wales

Soon you will be flying over water, which is the most amazing experience!"

Is it hard to use the eFoil?

Here’s the big secret: you can be a one-lesson hero! eFoiling can be learned in a couple of hours by anyone with a token amount of balance, coordination and are swimmers. First, you lay down flat then rise up into a kneeling position. From kneeling, you get up smoothly into a 'surfer' pose – this is where the opportunities to ride and explore really open up. Along the way, you might fall off or get quite wet, but that’s okay; we give you a buoyancy aid and a suitable wetsuit before you start. Soon you will be flying over water, which is the most amazing experience!

View form above of two people using eFoil surfboards under Barmouth Viaduct.

Using an eFoil along the Mawddach Estuary, North Wales

Where can people ride your eFoil, and what might they see?

We’re based in North Wales, surrounded by an awesome seascape with amazing marine wildlife to see. Our lessons take place the beautifully sheltered waters of the Menai Strait, a perfect location to give you the best eFoiling experience as you fly above the surface of the water.

Two people using eFoil surfboards on a river.

Using an eFoil under Barmouth Bridge, North Wales

When can people try the eFoil and how much does it cost?

Our eFoil Experience is a 3-hour course that will take you on a speedy learning curve to cover safety and all the basics needed to get you flying. In one lesson everyone foils and many will easily stand and carve turns on the foil as well! We teach in groups of three students with one efoil each and one instructor.

Be warned, this is highly addictive! Don’t worry, we offer follow up sessions and also sell eFoils.

For latest prices and to find out more check out the FoilRide website.

Swellies eFoil ride, Anglesey, North Wales

A person using an eFoil surfboard heading into a sunset.

Using an eFoil

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