29 September 2017

Under the bonnet of this year's Wales Rally GB

Wales Rally GB car going through puddle watched by spectators on the hillside

Wales Rally GB by @World

Every year, this giant of a UK motor rally series is hosted by a lucky region. This year sees the Wales Rally GB return to North Wales, and we couldn't be more excited! For those who don't know much about the exhilarating sport, we've got all you need to know. 

What is Wales Rally GB?

Wales Rally GB is arguably the UK's highest profile annual motor rally event. It's part of a world rallying series called the FIA World Rally Championship, and this year the Wales Rally GB is the crucial penultimate round in the overall competition. 

What will I see?

On each of the four days, spectators can watch some of the world's best cars and rally drivers speed through challenging North Wales countryside routes. The drivers will do their best to avoid crashing, struggling, spinning and losing control – all very thrilling stuff!

How does the actual racing work?

The Wales Rally GB is broken down into 21 stages that are spread over four days. Each stage is essentially a journey between a start and end point that must be driven by one car at a time as fast as possible, and the accumulated time at the end of all of the stages is used to determine the winner. There are different hurdles and obstacles for over 100 rally cars to endure, including woodland and uneven terrain. 

Where and when is the race taking place this year?

This year's event is in North Wales and Cheshire, with the action moving to different locations each day between Thursday 26th - Sunday 29th October. The action is at Tir Prince on Thursday, Llanidloes and Aberystwyth on Friday, Snowdonia on Saturday and near Brenig and Alwen reservoirs on Sunday, finishing back in Llandudno.

Can I visit the paddock and pits?

From Thursday to Saturday, get a look at all of the preparation that goes into each team's car before it faces the forest course at the Rally Village in Deeside. It is free to visit, so swing by to see competing crews getting sweaty from the hard work and nerves! You'll also find a funfair for little ones, places to eat, stalls and interviews with team members.

You can also see the cars and drivers up close at various points over the rally. There are regroups in Newtown and Chester on Friday and the winners' ceremonial finish in Llandudno on Sunday.

Do I need tickets?

For the main parts of the event, yes, but the Rally Village is free to visit. You can buy tickets from the official Wales Rally GB website

What else can I do in the area?

North Wales is equally a wonderful spot for thrill-seekers and fans of slow living. Read our online guides to find out some of the things you can get up to and the places you can visit.