27 January 2016

Adventures in Archaeology Exhibition opens at National Museum Cardiff

To celebrate 2016 The Year of Adventure in Wales, the National Museum Cardiff is hosting an exciting new exhibition where you can Step into the world of famous explorers and travel on an adventure uncovering treasures from around the world.

Adventures in Archaeology Exhibition

Adventures in Archaeology Exhibition by Gwenno Uhi

‘Treasures: Adventures in Archaeology’ tells the stories behind great archaeological discoveries from the ancient civilizations of Egypt, Greece, Rome, Pre-Columbian America and Rapa Nui (Easter Island), some of which have never been seen in Wales before.

The exhibition includes a whole host of fascinating objects and treasures from ancient worlds as well as more recent examples uncovered in Wales. Among the artefacts are a mummy and a beautifully painted sarcophagus from Egypt, helmets and pottery from the discovery of Troy, hoards of coins found in Sully and Bridgend, and a small Moai (head) from Easter Island.

Sarcophagus at Adventures in Archaeology Exhibition

Sarcophagus at Adventures in Archaeology Exhibition 

 by Gwenno Uhi

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