17 March 2015

Was St Patrick a Welshman?

Llanbadrig Church, Anglesey

Llanbadrig Church, Anglesey by Kris Williams

According to the locals in the Welsh village of Banwen, in the Dulais Valley, he was. A plaque next to the Roman road commemorates the birth of St Patrick before being enslaved and taken to Ireland. Even today it’s a rural area with magnificent views of the Brecon Beacons and surrounding area.

Did he return to Wales? It's believed that on his way to Ireland from Scotland he was shipwrecked on Middle Mouse island / Ynys Badrig before making it to shore and founding St. Patrick's church (Llanbadrig) on Anglesey. Situated on the beautiful Anglesey coast with views out to the Irish Sea.

To celebrate this day and the links with our Irish friends, the Wales Millennium Centre will be turning their lights green.

Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre, Cardiff Bay

 by Wales Millennium Centre

Here's 5 'green' ways you can celebrate in Wales:

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