11 August 2015

Bounce around the battlements this summer

Child on bouncy castle at Conwy Castle

Conwy Castle

 by Cadw

Castles! We're stuffed full of them. Great places to visit and have an adventure. This summer, Cadw have added a few extra options to their castles. 

If you like to bounce (and who doesn't?) you can at Conwy Castle (11 - 14 August) and Caerphilly Castle (17 - 21 August).

What about castles within castles? At Harlech Castle (12 August) you can build sandcastles, while Sculpture by the Sea will be asking people to help them create a replica of the castle.

And finally, back by popular demand are... Cadw LEGO workshops. Also they can try their hand at MinecraftEdu exercises and animation activities. Be quick, there are a few places are left at Caernarfon Castle

If you can't attend, the video below shows you what can be achieved with 70,000 bricks and a lot of patience.