Dog treats: four-legged holidays in Wales

Ever seen that daft notice, ‘Dogs must be carried on escalators’? As if it’s compulsory? We’re not saying you have to bring a dog on holiday to Wales, but you’ll have a marvellous time if you do. Dogs aren’t just tolerated here – they’re positively encouraged. 

A woman enjoying a picnic with her 3 dogs at The Arch picnic site near Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion

The Arch picnic site near Devil's Bridge, Ceredigion
Britain is, famously, a nation of dog lovers. Here in Wales, we can’t think of an earthly reason why you shouldn’t bring your dog on holiday here (we’ve got 450,000 of our own, after all). In fact, there are tons of reasons why you should.

Where to begin? Wide open spaces, for starters. There’s plenty of room to run off the leash, both on the mountains and 850-mile coastline.  That applies to you and your dog, by the way.

Getting here is easy, and travelling around is easier. Even on public transport, travelling with a dog is a doddle. Train passengers can take two dogs each, subject to a few common-sense rules (eg, the conductor might take a dim view if Great Danes are allowed to bound around the carriage, licking people… as if any dog owner would let this happen). It’s the same on buses: it’s up to the discretion of the driver, but well-behaved dogs are welcomed on board everywhere.

Pet friendly accommodation

Craig y Nos castle with in the country park

Craig y nos castle and country park, Brecon Beacons
There are plenty of places to stay, too. Just have a quick look at our accommodation pages (tick the ‘pets allowed’ box in Facilites) and you’ll be amazed at how many of our hotels, guests houses, cottages and caravans welcome dogs.

See, it goes way beyond just tolerating dogs. We positively welcome them. In fact, you get the impression that some places will actually be a bit disappointed if you turn up without a dog – check out this barkingly mad (in a good way) Welsh castle, whose website is actually written by… yes, a dog. 

There are even specialist dog holidays, like the four-day doggy retreats on an organic farm in West Wales, hosted by a spiritual dog trainer. And you’ll also find dog-friendly touches in unexpected places – like this canal boat company that provides you with a dog towel on board, just in case of an unexpected swims.

We love a well behaved pooch

A puppy being taken for a walk on Hellsmouth/Porth Neigwl beach on the Llyn Peninsula

Porth Neigwl beach, Llyn Peninsula by Victoria Warren
There are some restrictions, of course. Some wildlife reserves can be a bit of a no-no, which is understandable, especially during breeding seasons. Others do allow dogs, although they’ll ask you to keep them on leads in certain areas. On the coast, some popular bathing beaches have no-dog rules in summer. Some beaches in Tenby, for example, has dog restrictions from May to September – but even there, you’ll find plenty of unrestricted space on the 3km sands of South Beach, all year round.

There are farm animals to consider, too. Cows can be protective of calves, and you should also take a bit of extra care during the lambing season, which takes place any time between January and May, peaking in March.

It’s all about common sense, really. And dog owners are clever people. It’s why we have dogs. 

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