10 brilliant places to visit in Conwy

Conwy is a magnificent highlight of the North Wales coast. Its castle is outstanding, with its fearsome medieval defences and impressive town walls. And there are masses of other sights packed within its 700-year-old walls and beyond.

  • Conwy Castle, North Wales

    Conwy Castle, North Wales

     by ir0ny

    If you only have time to visit a few castles while you’re in Wales, make sure Conwy, one of the Edward I’s mightiest defences, is on the list. Kids love it as it’s shaped like a sandcastle, only more so. Its riverside setting, flanked by two bridges and backed by the fringes of Snowdonia, is truly impressive.

  • Conwy town walls enclosing the harbour seen from across the bay.
    Conwy town walls, Llandudno & Colwyn Bay

    Stride along Conwy’s stone walls, which hem in the old part of town on the Conwy Estuary, and cast your mind back to medieval times. Like Conwy Castle, the walls were built at huge expense. Around 10m high, they’re punctuated with horseshoe towers, which bulge out from the walkway.

  • Conwy Castle and suspension bridge, North Wales

    Conwy Castle and suspension bridge, North Wales

     by Ashley Perkins

    Thomas Telford’s elegant bridge was one of the world’s first road suspension bridges and was designed to complement Conwy Castle. It’s now only accessible on foot, while traffic uses the parallel bridge or the tunnel. Its Toll House, which looks like a miniature fortress, is a small museum.

  • ‘The Guard’, artwork of a huge wooden sentry guard sat on a bench in the entrance of Conwy Castle, created by the artist John Merrill
    'The Guard' sculpture at Conwy Castle by John

    As well as being of the best preserved fortresses and medieval defences in Britain, Conwy Castle is also contains a modern twist on the ancient castle. Five artists have designed a series of art exhibits to portray their take on the castle's history. Be greeted by a sleeping guardsman in the courtyard, or see shapes in a 21st fire with the digital fireplace in the Chapel Tower, but make sure you don't miss the eerie 'Llywelyn's Coronet'. On the way out you'll come face to face with the giant rusted head of King Edward I in the King's Chamber. 

  • The exterior of the Castle Hotel in Conwy
    The Castle Hotel in Conwy by The Roberts Organisation

    The Castle Hotel, a 15th century old coaching inn and hotel, is the perfect place to enjoy some royal luxury. Set within the town walls, the Hotel has had a fascinating past and has made an important contribution to Conwy's history. It has played host to many famous people, such as Telford, Stephenson, Wordsworth and the Queen of Romania who lunched in the restaurant while visiting Llandudno.

    The hotel also offers would be princes a luxury room and four-poster bed... 

  • Victorian kitchen inside Plas Mawr house
    Plas Mawr kitchen, Conwy, North Wales

    Step inside an Elizabethan townhouse, in the heart of medieval Conwy, to imagine what life was like in the home of a wealthy and well-travelled 16th century merchant. Robert Wynn, who commissioned the house, loved colourful plasterwork and stylishly carved wood. Look out for his initials on the grand over-mantels.

  • The Smallest House in Great Britain, Conwy, North Wales

    The Smallest House in Great Britain, Conwy, North Wales

     by Jazpix

    Stroll along the Quay, at under the town wall, to enjoy animated views of yachts, trawlers and mussel boats on the Conwy Estuary. Market stalls set up here during the Conwy Feast in October and other special events. The bright red façade of a much-loved oddity, the Smallest House, is impossible to miss.

  • Bodnant Gardens, North Wales

    Bodnant Gardens, North Wales

     by tedesco57

    The Pochin and Aberconway family's former home is famous for its vibrant shrubs, many of which were exotic to their Victorian collectors. The laburnum tunnels, rhododendrons and herbaceous borders blaze with colour from spring to autumn. Even better, once you've had a look around the Bodnant's lush 80-acre garden there's the award-winning Welsh Food Centre. Get your fill of local & Welsh quality food from the farm shop, tea room and restaurant all in the beautiful estate. 

    They even have a cookery school, so you can learn first hand how to use these great ingredients to produce a culinary masterpiece!