Technical Consultants

‘Best practice’ within the adventure activity tourism sector would suggest regular engagement with a technical advisor/consultant to support the provider’s assessment of risks, identification of the safety measures needed and management arrangements to give effect to these measures, and that they are all based on sound knowledge of hazards and on accepted good practice as to what is reasonably practicable to ensure the safety of participants. 

There are seven active and current Technical Consultants within Wales that Visit Wales and WATO have identified to fulfil the audit requirements. They will carry out an audit, in line with the Visit Wales Standards of Practice and submit a report, as requested by Visit Wales. The cost of engagement with a Technical Consultant is £250 plus expenses. 

The identified Technical Consultants are:

North Wales:

  • Berwyn Evans – 07721 374143 -
  • Andy Newton – 07702 905208 -
  • Mike Rosser – 07767 386470 -

South Wales:

  • Nige Robinson - 07952 596054 & 01437 720859 - 
  • Gary Evans - 07836 748752 & 01558 668878 -
  • Paul Marshall - 07776 196460 -

Pan Wales - for all Cycling & Mountain Bike Providers:

• Dan Cook -

A Technical Consultant, Expert or Advisor will generally have to satisfy each of the following criteria:

• Have a proven level of technical competence within the outdoor activity sector. In at least one of the activities offered by the provider (usually as set out in L77, "Guidance from the Licensing Authority on the Adventure Activities Licensing Regulations 2004" [PDF]);
• Have a good knowledge of the venues to be used by the provider;
• Have access to, knowledge and understanding of the management of the provider, including the instructors concerned;
• Have sufficient experience in at least one of the activities offered by the provider, as well as maturity to make suitably sound judgments.

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