Music Festivals in Wales, UK

Land of song, indeed! For such a small country, we pack a lot in so it’s understandable that we make a bit of a song and dance about our festivals. Fast becoming a staple for festivalgoers and music fans across the UK, our festivals are a bit of a different beast to the larger, more commercial summer events you’ll find elsewhere in the UK.   

Green Man and Festival No 6  are the jewels in the crown of our Welsh music festivals scene. Whatever musical genre and country or city – you’ll experience something a bit more compact, a bit more personal and something you will never forget. Perfectly tuned for your needs, whether you’re a hippy shaker or a cheesy quaver. 

If you fancy something different, HowTheLightGetsIn, the world's largest philosophy and music festival, returns to Hay for the Bank Holiday weekend of May 2018. Or if beach festivals are more your thing, Glass Butter Beach festival in July brings wakeboarding and music to Abersoch.