Ironman Wales

Ironman is a worldwide series of races developed over the past 34 years which combine a 2.4 mile swim, followed by a 112 mile bike ride and a 26.2 mile marathon. Located on Wales’ South West coast, Pembrokeshire is known for its breathtaking landscape and the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, featuring miles of sandy beaches and a spectacular coastline.

Competitors finish the swim section of Ironman Wales in Pembrokeshire

Ironman Wales, Pembrokeshire

The unique nature of Ironman events comes from every athlete having the chance to qualify for the annual World Championships held in Kona, Hawaii. Each five-year age band is allocated at least one place in the world championships.

The inaugural Ironman Wales in 2011 and 2012 was heralded a great success and they endeavour to enhance the event in key areas, while building on the local support and growing reputation of the event.

It is already seen as one of the most demanding Ironman events in the world, however the attraction of the race is also due to the incredible spectator support which has helped many athletes complete the challenge.

Competitor in Ironman Wales

Ironman Wales, Pembrokeshire

The start of the race is at North Beach in the seaside village of Tenby. Exiting the waters of Carmarthen Bay after the 2.4 mile swim, the athletes will take on the challenge of the 112 mile bike course through the fascinating countryside of Pembrokeshire Coast National Park, passing numerous castles and iconic landmarks. The medieval town walls and picturesque beach front provide an impressive backdrop for the concluding marathon through Tenby.

For more information, visit the Ironman Wales website.