Brecon's top shops

Need a multi-coloured wheelbarrow or a sherbert dipdab? You’re in luck. Here’s Adele Nozedar, a writer and artist who lives near Brecon, with her guide to the town’s best shopping experiences.

  • Morgan's antiques shop in Brecon
    Morgan Antiques, Brecon by Aaron A. Aardvark

    A gorgeous antique shop where you’ll find big cardboard angels in the window and all sorts of lovely things spilling out onto the pavement. I have never failed to find the perfect birthday present for anyone, ever, at Morgan. It's essential to rummage though - everything is beautifully laid out but there's a lot packed in.

  • B

    Rustic Retail

    Interior of Rustic Retail, Brecon
    Rustic Retail, Brecon by Rustic Retail

    Another beautifully presented shop, and very smart. So smart in fact that you can sniff out the quality from a few streets away. It includes bags and clothes made from that very trendy fabric, tweed, which has made the transition from the gentry set to city slicker. You can also buy yourself what every chic country home needs – a border terrier toilet seat.

  • A selection of books and novelty coffee mugs at The Hours Cafe and Bookshop
    The Hours Cafe and Bookshop, Brecon by The Hours Cafe and Bookshop

    With indie bookshops, it's the passion and warmth of the owners that sets them leagues above the chains, or the faceless activity of buying books online. Leigh and Nicky may sell delicious homemade food and beautiful books, but the experience of stepping into their charming den is something that money can't buy.

  • Don’t be fooled by the name. This place isn’t just for horsey types – there’s way more inside. You’ll also find impeccably displayed clothes, boots, gifts, bags and their famous multi-coloured wheelbarrows and buckets. Step inside if you haven't done so already, as you'll be very surprised. You don’t actually need to know how to canter to be happy in here.

  • Exterior of Candyland
    Candyland, Brecon by

    The sugar-rush hits you just before you enter the shop. Sweeties, sweeties everywhere; as colourful as the inside of a packed jewel box - except the gems are all your old favourites. Liquorice bootlaces, sherbet dibdabs, coconut mushrooms - there's no living sweetie that Candyland doesn't have tucked away somewhere. 

  • Exterior of Nelsons Antiques on Lions Street, Brecon
    Nelson's Antiques, Brecon by

    A place where you just have to linger. Interesting, unusual antiques set out over three floors with a constantly changing stock. Charmian also sells a beautiful range of modern and antique jewellery. I think we must have exactly the same taste because I always love everything she has – I have to stop myself from buying the whole shop. 

  • The Gate Gallery and Glassworks
    The Gate Gallery, Brecon by The Gate Gallery

    Contemporary glass pieces made by the artist/owner, housed within a listed 17th century riverside property in Brecon. I love passing by at night when the lit up bowls and vases fill the shop window with dreamy splashes of colour. Kathryn’s glassworks are always on my ‘hint-hint’ birthday list. Basically, anything from there will do!

  • Exterior of Beacons Crafts
    Beacons Crafts, Brecon by Beacons Crafts

    A wonderfully eclectic showcase for local art and craft and my, this shop proves that we have an abundance of talent in the Beacons. You name it, it's here - jewellery, pottery, handmade cards, lots of Wales-based gifts handmade to take home. The co-operative shop is run by local craft workers who live in and around the dramatic surroundings of the National Park.

  • Tucked away on the Richway on the way to Lidl, this shop has odd opening hours but when it is open, I always stuff my bags with their fab array of unusual herbs and spices and hard-to-find items such as Manuka honey. If Honddu Wholefoods wasn't here I'd have to travel far afield to buy what I can find in there. 

  • The sign for Say-Cheeze digital photography shop
    Say-Cheeze, Brecon by Hkuchera

    A brilliant little place for anything you need for your computer, laptop, or camera. Owner Peter Casaru is incredibly helpful: nothing is too much trouble. Once you've been to Say Cheeze you'll never bother about going online for this sort of stuff. Not only is the shop often cheaper, but you can't beat it for the personal touch and good advice.