Try a chunk of award-winning Welsh cheese


Nutty Cheddar, tangy blue, creamy goats cheese and crumbly Caerphilly cheese – our award-winning Welsh cheeses are just the thing to perk up a picnic or to enjoy by a crackling fire with a bottle of wine.

  • Snowdonia Cheese Company's Red Devil Cheese with a pear
    Red Devil cheese, Snowdonia Cheese Company by JuliaBalbilla

    Made in Rhyl by the Snowdonia Cheese Company, this is a fiery, red-wax-coated Red Leicester made from pasteurised milk with chillies and crushed pepper. The company also makes a fantastic black-wax-coated mature cheddar called Little Black Bomber, and a creamy cheddar with garlic and herbs called Green Thunder.

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  • Caws Cenarth, Welsh Cheese
    Caws Cenarth cheeses

    Look out for cheese from this multi-award-winning Ceredigion dairy at festivals, delis and farmers markets. One of its specialities, Perl Las, is an organic blue with a thin rind and a creamy smooth, yellow interior, streaked with deep blue blotches. It’s stronger than Stilton with a peppery bite and a sea-salty finish.

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  • Caws Teifi, Welsh Cheese
    Caws Teifi Cheeses and board

    Teifi Cheese is a smooth-textured gouda-style cheese made in Ceredigion from locally sourced raw (unpasteurised) milk. You can drop in to the dairy at Glynhynod Farm on a weekday to see how it’s made. The cheesemakers recommend you arrive as near to 9am as you can – by then, they’ve already done three hours’ work.

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  • Cheddar, Welsh Cheese
    Blaenafon Cheddar Company cheeses

    The Haverfordwest Creamery has scooped awards for its White Medium and Pembrokeshire Mature. Top points for originality go to Pwll Mawr by the Blaenafon Cheddar Company, which is matured at the bottom of the Big Pit mine shaft. Among Blaenafon’s other inventions are a scrummy goats cheese called OMG (Oak-smoked Mountain Goat). South Caernarfon Creameries, Llandyrnog Creamery, The Pembrokeshire Cheese Company and Holden Farm Dairy in the Cambrian Mountains also make award-winning cheddars.

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  • Pant Mawr Farm in Pembrokeshire’s Preseli Mountains makes cheese from local goats milk and cows milk. Among the winners in the range are sustainably Oak Smoked Cerwyn and Drewi-Sant, a soft, mild, straw-coloured cheese flavoured with mead. The farm shop offers coffee and tastings. 

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  • The Carmarthenshire Cheese Company has won several True Taste and World Cheese Awards for the Smoked and Blue varieties of Llangloffan Farmhouse Cheese, based on a Pembrokeshire recipe. Llangloffan Caws Mwg is smoked over oak and works perfectly in a ploughman’s lunch, with celery, crusty bread and a pint.

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  • Pant-Ysgawn cheese
    Pant-Ysgawn by r0sejam

    Made by award-winning artisan food maker Tony Craske at Blaenavon near Abergavenny, this cheese uses a simple blend of goats milk curds from local Soil Association certified farms and salt, with no rennet. It’s very mild for a goats cheese. Between trips to Wales, you can stock up at Waitrose.

  • Caws Celtica, Welsh Cheese

    Caws Celtica at Haverfordwest Farmers Market, Pembrokeshire

    Caws Celtica translates as Celtic Cheese. It’s a small business run by a Ceredigion sheep-farming family who produce cheese using naturally pure, unpasteurised ewe’s milk from their flock of pedigree friesland milking sheep. These lucky animals graze on chemical-free, south-facing slopes in a pristine rural landscape.

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  • Caerphilly cheese

    Sliced Caerphilly cheese.
    Caerphilly cheese by

    Most resembling cheddar in terms of its consistency and taste, ‘Caerphilly’ is a hard, crumbly, white cheese originating from, you guessed it, the town of Caerphilly in South Wales. Unfortunately, Caerphilly cheese is no longer made in Caerphilly, but fear not, a Welsh creamery near Pwllheli, Dragon Wales, is still making the iconic Welsh staple today. It’s recently been awarded European Protected Food Status, joining the likes of Anglesey sea salt and Welsh lamb.