Meet the Cnwdists

Meet the new taste of Wales. It’s raw, fresh out of the ground and it’s like nothing we have seen before. Its roots are deep in our land – nourished by the rich soil of tradition and the harvests of our fields, hills and coastline. Its green shoots flourish in the brilliant light of a vibrant, youthful worldwide food culture that is forging new links in the food chain from Copenhagen to California via Cardiff and Ceredigion.

Its cultivators are a growing generation of excited and entrepreneurial young people who find food a thrilling canvas for their creativity. People who bring that inspiration and zeal not just to what they produce but how they sell it and how they do business.

Here are the stories of just some of those people – people who are inspiring others into action. People who threw the stones that caused the ripples that are forming into a powerful new wave of Welsh food.

These people are the Cnwdists.