Whitewater Rafting in the UK

British commercial whitewater rafting began on the River Tryweyrn, an Olympic-grade rollercoaster of Grade 3-4 rapids in Snowdonia.

Nowadays you can raft throughout Wales, with each location offering a unique blend of adrenaline hits, scenery and expedition. We’ve even brought whitewater into the city with a new centre in Cardiff.

So, no more excuses – we’ve got the wetsuits and we’ve got the rapids. Come on in, the whitewater’s lovely.

Rafting on Tyweryn River

Whitewater wonderland

Team GB rafter Matt Blue explains why Welsh rafting is riding the crest of wave.

White water rafting, National White Water Centre

Welsh whitewater thrills

Where to raft the rapids in the country – and in the city.

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  • Your first rapid
  • A journey to enjoy
  • Welsh nature
  • A gentle adventure with nature
  • A beautiful meandering paddle
  • A short sharp adventure
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