Royal St Davids

The club. One of the true heavyweights of the UK (and world) golfing scene, the rugged links of Royal St David’s have been bewitching and tormenting golfers since 1894. Its undulating, dune-studded fairways and lightning-quick greens are a masterclass in traditional links golf that provide a stern test for even the most experienced players. Adding to the drama is the mighty presence of World Heritage Site Harlech Castle, which stands guard on a clifftop high above the course.

The pro. Gareth Lewis

The hole. The par-four is 15th first hole that really goes right between the dunes. It’s quite a daunting tee shot with the dunes each side, you’re hitting slightly across the fairway as it doglegs to the right. It’s not like a normal hole where once you’ve done the tee shot you’ve got an easy second shot. It’s a tough tee shot and a tough second shot. For many it’ll be a tough third shot too. Your second shot you can only see the top of the flag and you’re hitting almost down an alley of dunes, with not a lot of margin for error. Hit too far left or right and you’re lost.’

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