Borth and Ynyslas

The club. Founded in 1885 Borth & Ynyslas stakes a claim to being Wales’s oldest club. While not everyone agrees, it definitely offers a truly timeless out-and-back links experience. Spectacularly located on the edge of sweeping Cardigan Bay, the course was redesigned in 1945 by Harry Colt and provides a year round challenge for players of all skill levels.

The pro. John Lewis

The hole. ‘Off the men’s competition tees the 17th is 349 yards, so you can get right up to the green or even drive to the green. But the nearer you get the narrower it gets. You can play the hole with something like a five iron wedge, but you’re leaving yourself a 100-yard second shot. You can go for the edge of the green and leave yourself a lovely little chip on and the good chance of a birdie, or play it safe and use something like a five iron. There’s an out of bounds to the right, a water hazard that snakes in to the left hand side and by the green, you only really have the width of the green, but 60 or 70 yards further back you’ve got 80-yard wide fairway. You have to make a decision and whatever you choose you have to commit yourself to it. Most people tend to pick a driver because they need the length to give them any sort of second shot, but for a lower handicap there is the option to hit it safe and then play a nine iron second shot.’

For more information, visit the Borth & Ynyslas website.