5 tasty mushrooms to find in Wales

Wales has the perfect mushroom growing climate. You'd reasonably expect to come across over 20 different kinds in one walk. For a feast of foraging, you've come to the right place says Daniel Butler from Fungi Forays.

  • Cepe or porcini

    Porcini Mushroom
    Porcini Mushroom

    Porcini grow along woodland edges and hedge bottoms from August to November. They're very tasty and arguably best when dried, or bottled in oil as an antipasti. I once picked 50kg of porcini in 20 minutes, so there's plenty for everyone. 

  • Chanterelles

    Chanterelle by Steve Garrington

    This aromatic mushroom has a delicate flavour that cooks prize highly. They grow around silver birch or beech trees and are often found along the banks of woodland streams. Best picked after heavy summer rain and widely available between July and October. 

  • Chicken of the woods

    This is one of the most easily recognised edible species, resembling a stack of yellow dinner plates emerging from the bark of a mature tree. It grows in summer and you can find it a few centimetres from the ground or six feet high.
  • Wood blewit

    Wood blewit
    Wood blewit by Steve Garrington

    Found around hedge bottoms and under deciduous and conifer trees, it emerges later than many autumn species and can carry on growing well into the New Year. The flavour of the wood blewit is so strong its often used as a herb, or is paired with red meat like venison. 

  • Parasol

    Close up of a parasol mushroom growing wild on Ramsey Island

    Parasol mushroom

     by LJWDevon

    One of the most immediately identifiable mushrooms emerges like a drumstick – a rounded head on a tall stalk. As it grows, the head unfurls until it resembles a Victorian lady’s frilly umbrella (this unfurling continues after picking in the basket). A summer treat, lovely on toast with some tasty home-churned butter, lemon and black pepper.

Note: Wild food foraging should only be undertaken with a guided expert.

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