Bushcraft Activities for the Family

The beautiful natural landscapes of Wales lend themselves perfectly learning bushcraft wilderness survival skills.

  • Ever thought you'd like to learn how to live outdoors, make things out of wood and build a hammock? Snowdonia is surely the place to hone those skills. Learn how to sing like a bird, crackle a campfire, forage for wildfood and enhance your connection with nature in a spectacular outdoor setting.

  • Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes.
    Merthyr Mawr Sand Dunes, Glamorgan Heritage Coast by Paula J James

    Roam across 70 acres of woodland on Bridgend's glorious Merthyr Mawr Estate as you learn survival skills in a fun and friendly atmosphere with this course. Having built a fire and found fresh food, you can even sleep in a native American tipi under the stars.

  • Ben's Rock, Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

    Ben's Rock at Three Cliffs Bay, Gower

     by Claire_Sambrook

    If you've never wondered whether a sycamore twig would make an effective whistle or creating a catapult would be fun, this is your chance to find out in the company of a group determined to make sure your family's wilderness abilities are up to scratch on the Gower.

  • Two women chopping wooden blocks, Buzzard Chris Bushcraft.
    Buzzard Chris Bushcraft by Buzzard Chris Bushcraft

    Buzzard Chris offers an all round master class of bushcraft skills, including fire-making, shelter construction and bow-making. A day in the ancient woodland near Creswell Quay, or at Fir Hill Wood in Slebech Park will also give you a much finer sense of the natural habitat around you, something that will give you the confidence to explore for yourself in the future.

  • Morfa Harlech beach and sand dunes, Snowdonia
    Morfa Harlech, Snowdonia by tedandjen

    Morfa Bay is a pretty spectacular outdoor adventure centre, but it's an even better place to learn skills past down through the centuries around the surrounding forests and woodlands. Try fire-craft, cooking, foraging, hand-carving and shelter-building where the on-site experts are happy to tailor their tutorials to suit all abilities and ages.

  • A child who had used a firesteel to ignite a crampball at Bushcraft Birthdays, South East Wales.
    Bushcraft Birthdays, South East Wales by Steph Thompson

    In a combination of horsing around outdoors and learning a few long forgotten skills, these sessions – you can choose between Cardiff, Bridgend and the Vale of Glamorgan – teach foraging, skills and being at one with the great outdoors. Fire, food and shelter are the key elements, not to mention the odd toasted marshmallow.

  • Group preparing to slide down canyon

    Canyoning in Snowdonia

     by bristolsurfer

    If outdoor skills are seen as a thing of the past in the technological age, these Snowdonia adventurers are determined to prove those preconceptions wrong through the sheer fun of lighting a fire, building a shelter, tying an unbreakable knot and working out which foods are best to eat in the wilderness.

  • Two men around a fire at Shaggy Sheep, Carmarthenshire.
    Shaggy Sheep, Carmarthenshire by Andrew Price

    Everybody wants to be as invincible as Ray Mears, but you'll never know whether you can match his survival skills until you try. This overnight caper aims to teach you how to purify water, build a shelter and cook on a wood fire, among other forgotten talents.

  • Set in a forest near Ruthin, this is your chance to learn skills which have all but disappeared since they were perfected hundreds of years ago. The courses you can choose from range from a one-day adventure building simple skills to a full camp journey full of foraging and fire-building.

  • Group canyoning and about to walk under a waterfall

    Canyoning, Brecon Beacons

     by Henry & Jane Rios

    From rock and gorge scrambling to orienteering and problem solving, this team organise activity weekends within the beautiful Brecon Beacons. Aiming to improve the confidence and belief of those taking part, they offer activity days for young adventurers around the Merthyr Tydfil, Brecon and Neath areas.