A remote area all of your own

Picture a river jumping with brown trout flowing through the corner of a wild-flower meadow. Tucked in among the long grasses is a brightly painted wooden wagon, its side window propped open to let a trail of steam drift into the spring air from an early morning pot of tea. Your book lies open on the caravan's top step, just where you left it. Breakfast is laid out across the campfire table, still warmed a little from last night's fireside revelries.

The caravan's roaming days are over, the little painted wagon restored, and its aching wheels scrubbed up and polished to rest easy among the buzzing bees. The yoke that once clung to a horse's back now revels in its nostalgic retirement. Life proceeds in the slow lane, with minutes drifting into hours as the simple tasks of the day are allowed to take over. This could be anywhere, but look outside and you catch the curve of a Pembrokeshire beach, the lilting horizons of Snowdonia, or perhaps the course of the river Wye. Romany caravans in Wales will bring you closer to our most beautiful natural environments.

Colourful Romany caravan
Romany Wagon Retreat, Rhydlewis, Cardigan Bay

Cosy enough for two or more

Originally known as a vardo, the comforts of a Romany wagon are compact, but numerous and well thought out. A small seating area and kitchen is usually followed by neatly stacked bunks. Couples can book cosy double caravans, but some sleep as many as six people. Traditional cast-iron pot-belly stoves are a frequent feature.

You may try your hand at Romany cuisine, a campfire roast, or a stew bubbling in a kettle. Many caravans are accompanied by private outbuildings with bathrooms and other services.

Banner image provided by Romany Wagon Holiday Retreat in Rhydlewis, Cardigan Bay. In 2018, the retreat was awarded Tripadvisors 5* Certificate of Excellence and Booking.com Guest Award of 9.8/10.

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